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  • Feb 7 / Boys SoccerDenmark - 1, Dunwoody - 0
  • Feb 7 / Girls SoccerDenmark - 4, Dunwoody - 0
  • Feb 7 / Boys BasketballDenmark - 35, Milton - 51
  • Feb 7 / Girls BasketballDenmark - 25, Milton - 44
  • Feb 3 / Boys BasketballDenmark - 50, West Forsyth - 58
  • Feb 3 / Girls BasketballDenmark - 35, West Forsyth - 45
  • Feb 3 / Boys SoccerDenmark - 2, Carrollton - 0
  • Feb 3 / Girls SoccerDenmark - 10, Carrollton - 0
  • Jan 31 / Boys BasketballDenmark - 65, Forsyth Central - 38
  • Jan 31 / Girls BasketballDenmark - 41, Forsyth Central - 27
The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School
The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The group of Peer Leaders gather for a photo.

Hearing S.O.S. and Answering the Call: Sources of Strength

Bryn Quigley, Editor-in-Chief February 8, 2023

Mental health is slowly becoming destigmatized, but awareness isn’t moving quickly enough. Millions of lives are lost to suicide each year, and young people are no exception. A nationwide program coined...

Club leaders Lilly du Toit and Amelia Tang promote Doctors Without Borders.

Stepping Beyond Reach: Doctors Without Borders

Simryn Darji, Staff October 25, 2022

Diversity resides throughout Denmark High's clubs and programs. However, the most predominant club categories revolve around the medical industry and community service. The medical field tends to be a...

JROTC members are instructed to complete a drill as they gather beside the football field.

JROTC: More than Military

Simryn Darji, Staff October 11, 2022

Embarking on a new journey is laborious.  After graduation, 1% graduates jump straight into the military without any prior knowledge. Straight from high school, people tend to be confused. Thankfully...

The DECA officer team takes an adventure to help them decompress.

Leading Denmark

Anya Singhal, Entertainment Editor October 6, 2022

Leaders are the cement which keeps bricks bound together. Making a building stable enough to withstand hurricanes, tornados and so much more. Just like that, leaders are the ones who help guide their people...

The sheer amount of people in FBLA creates a capable force.

FBLA: Future World Leaders

Trisha Saxena, Writer October 5, 2022

Leadership is a core skill needed in the real world. Going into the business or computer science worlds, one is thrown into conferences, presentations, leading teams, and creating new ideas. An amazing...

Members gather in the Forsyth County courthouse following a competition.

Case Closed! Denmark’s Mock Trial Club

Aarna Dessai, Writer September 29, 2022

Tension fills the room. People dressed in professional attire set a mature mood in the court. Files, papers, and claims are prepared to be presented. The pure joy of filling the shoes of an actual court...

Running may be involved, but FCA isnt just for athletes.

FCA Fuels Fellowship at Denmark

Lilah Martens, Staff September 23, 2022

Thousands of Denmark students roll out of bed before the birds are chirping. After hitting the snooze button over and over, prolonging the inevitable, there’s a faint amount of motivation to go to school...

The marching band practices their formations during a beautiful sunset.

Strenuous Practices for Glorious Shows

Trisha Saxena, Staff September 14, 2022

The audience sits in the football stadium, buzzing with excitement. Suddenly, the announcement sounds, signaling Denmark’s marching band. The thunderous echo of the first notes ring throughout the stadium,...

The senior theatre members embrace onstage in one last farewell.

Curtains Closed.

Bryn Quigley, Editor May 15, 2022

Presented to those who had participated in Denmark’s theatre production of Curtains were the Shuler Awards for excellence in drama. On April 22nd, the actors as well as the production team of the musical...

The Black Student Union

The Black Student Union

Jada Immanuel, Co-Editor-In-Chief May 6, 2022

Unlike what most would think, the Black Student Union, BSU, is not just interested in students of just one race or ethnicity. The BSU is open to all students to come, learn, and share. The club was made...


Colin Ralph, Videographer March 28, 2022

Curtains Opened

Curtains Opened

Bryn Quigley, Editor February 1, 2022

The comedic musical mystery Curtains graced the stage at Denmark High School in the beginning of 2022. Following a lengthy, thorough practice process, the musical had a few performances scattered across...

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