JROTC: More than Military


JROTC members are instructed to complete a drill as they gather beside the football field.

Embarking on a new journey is laborious.  After graduation, 1% graduates jump straight into the military without any prior knowledge. Straight from high school, people tend to be confused. Thankfully there is a high school club that helps with preparation for the future.

Junior Reserve Officers Training Corps, more commonly known as JROTC, is a template for those students who wish to enlist. JROTC provides multitudes of hands-on military experience to prepare Dane Nation, such as field operations, drill techniques, and even hostage situations. More importantly, JROTC helps students broaden their leadership and military skills. 

There are countless military prep clubs nationwide, so what makes JROTC unique? The club president, Arisha Razaullah, states that, “Yes, there are programs available, however, they are not easily accessible and can cost hundreds of dollars. I, for example, am a member of the US Naval Sea Cadet Corp. We have members that travel 1-2 hours for drill weekends which is not possible for the vast majority of people.” Arisha alludes to a predominant barrier in modern-day society: Most students lack the necessary money or transportation to further their passions. JROTC provides an accessible environment for students who wish to join the armed forces while being a feasible activity.

JROTC also helps students in the present too, “By creating this club at Denmark, I am allowing everyone to get an opportunity to experience drilling and military simulations without a single cost to them!” explains Arisha. Razaullah makes this club accessible to anyone and everyone. JROTC is not reserved for a certain group of people.

“The only requirement is a passion for learning and improving. 

“JROTC is not a military recruitment club but a place where leadership is developed.” States Arisha. JROTC is an extremely inclusive club. There are no gender rules, height requirements, ethnic requirements, or religious beliefs that need to be followed. 

This club focuses on teaching students how to be leaders. JROTC helps members manage their time, improve their social skills, and lead a crowd. JROTC draws out skills that are critical in the world today.

The JROTC club provides countless options for students by improving the skills and mindset of the younger generation. Along with that, the club serves students like the armed forces serve America. By providing a safe environment for development and growth, this club provides an enriching experience; JROTC is a fun, hands-on, interaction for the students of Denmark High.