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  • Sep 7 / VolleyballDenmark - 2, North Paulding - 0
  • Sep 7 / VolleyballDenmark - 2, Carrollton - 0
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The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

Is Cheating All AI is Good For?

Is Cheating All AI is Good For?

Tanvi Pullabhotla, Staff September 21, 2023

“Just ChatGPT it”: a common phrase circulating around schools this past year. Many people are aware of artificial intelligence, but its capabilities are advancing at speeds never seen before. The...

A visual guide of what to do when biased media lurks its way to you.

To Say or Not to Say

Rithya Bhardwaj, Staff September 21, 2023

Imagine fighting over an essay topic about burgers in English class? In the chaotic world of media, even a simple story of fast food can become a heated contest. Biased news outlets lurk around every...

Students will usually study information from the Internet, a digital method of learning.

Is Technology Holding Students Back?

Radhika Kulkarni, News Editor September 20, 2023

The clicking of keyboards is rapidly drowning out the squeak of dry erase markers and the flipping of pages as technology is being increasingly integrated into classrooms. Smartboards are now standard...

A mural painted within the hallway of Denmark High School. which states a signature quote and our mascot.

What Makes it a Great Day to be a Dane?

Aksheta Thakur, Staff July 27, 2023
“Freshmen may enter this school as nervous and uncertain individuals, but they soon realize they have become a part of something special.”
Film in FOCO

Film in FOCO

Marianna Orozco, Staff March 9, 2023

It seems as if every year, dozens of new shows and movies pop onto our screens and take audiences’ attention. Characters people believe they embody and made-up towns that resemble the streets of suburbia....

A poster in the hallway informs students about registering to vote. One senior scans a QR code with voter information, in hopes of using her voice in future elections.

The Harmful Nature of Political Apathy

Katie Strickland, News Editor February 24, 2023

Turning 18 is a monumental milestone. The obligations that come with becoming a legal adult are some of the most pressure-inducing: paying taxes, buying a car, and renting an apartment. Being recognized...

Scholarships like the one shown above are available for all students.

Stellar Opportunities for Scholarship Winners

Marianna Orozco, Staff February 13, 2023

Every year, billions of dollars are allocated towards the higher education of American adolescents. Companies—in pursuit of elevating their ethical platforms—create programs and scholarships to fund...

 Writing essays by hand can feel tedious and pointless to teenagers who spend all day on a screen. Regardless, hand writing is an essential component to many AP courses.

Chat GPT: Writing the Future

Ellia Houtsma, Student Life Editor February 13, 2023

In a world where technology is constantly advancing, it's no surprise that students are turning to chatbots for assistance with their studies. ChatGPT, developed by OpenAI, has become a popular tool among...

Students in Mrs. Satterfields AP Seminar class discuss an assignment.

College Credit Before Graduation: Which Approach is Best?

Katie Strickland, News Editor December 30, 2022

High school is often described as the happiest years of one’s life- a time for making friends, experiencing fun life events, and a time for many firsts. Although, for many honors students, those firsts...

Snowflakes adorn the hallways, bringing holiday cheer as well as school spirit.

A Guide to the Holidays in Forsyth County

Marianna Orozco, Staff December 8, 2022

With Halloween gone and the Winter holidays approaching, families are beginning to search for end-of-the-year activities to fill their weekends. As the autumn chill lowers to a frigid cold, residents discover...

Tayla Smith, senior, celebrates her vote in the 2022 runoff election.

Denmark Students Shaping Democracy

Marianna Orozco, Staff November 28, 2022

The Georgia polls were brimming with voters, chattering about campaign ads, TV commercials, and postcards that led up to that sunny November day. Most of those residents had been here before; they had...

Colorful Run for Ones in Need

Colorful Run for Ones in Need

Aksheta Thakur, Staff November 15, 2022

The Dane Dye Dash was an event filled with colors and good intentions. Denmark’s DECA chapter organized this event to raise money for Jesse’s House, an orphanage dedicated to supporting underprivileged...

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