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The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

“Pitbulls, strength and reports of serious bites have led to their widespread fear and media coverage.”

“Pitbulls, strength and reports of serious bites have led to their widespread fear and media coverage.”

Tanvi Pullabhotla, Staff February 18, 2024

Pitbulls, for their strength and reports of serious bites, have been faced with widespread fear and media coverage for years. Similarly, the XL bully dog is a large, muscular American canine created from...

Cheerful expression on students face as they holding up signs especially their determination to make a positive change by voting.

Your Vote is Vital

Camila Delgado, Student Life Editor February 13, 2024

The future of the world continues to shift in the wake of the new generations. As the people currently in power look to see who is to follow in their footsteps, they see a group of individuals who...

Political Parties of the Past

Political Parties of the Past

Radhika Kulkarni, News Editor February 6, 2024

Scrawling down a name or bubbling in a tiny circle may seem inconsequential, but voting is a vital part of the American government and a fundamental principle of democracy. Every year, United States citizens...

A image of a scanning of a human skeleton, which may allow doctors to thoroughly observe someones condition (This is not a real scan).

AI’s Astounding Advancements in Augmenting Healthcare

Tanvi Pullabhotla, Staff January 5, 2024

Self-serve restaurants already employ robots as waiters, ChatGPT writes essays more than students do, and now healthcare is on the brink of having robots take your blood pressure. AI companies are focusing...

Age of Social Media: The Effect

Age of Social Media: The Effect

Anya Singhal, Editor-in-chief December 7, 2023

“Smile!” Click. Post. Our lives are packed with 30 second reels or a quick swipe to read through a post. Most of our intake information is from a simple click of a button. It’s a common...

The Best of Denmark: Kelle Russo

The Best of Denmark: Kelle Russo

Katie Trinh, Staff December 6, 2023

“Employee of the month”, A well earned award given to those of unrecognized work. Kelle Russo is one example of that, counseling for staff and athletics, while making everyone's tasks more simple....

How college athletes shape the future of womens basketball.

Clark, Reese, or Beuckers: The Ongoing Debate in WBB

Hannah Lopez, Staff November 28, 2023

Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, Paige Beuckers, and many other D1 women basketball players are leading the way for media involvement in college basketball. Basketball is taking a pivotal role in female...

Students viewing the possible college options that they could attend.

Visiting For a Better Future

Maria Tirado, Staff October 31, 2023

When the crucial time comes to visit colleges and universities, reviewing options of where to go, and making the right choice, a wave of pressure and stress overwhelms students with all the things...

A photo of the teacher of the year, Mrs. Whitlock, with the principle, Ms. Oliver.

Teacher of the Year

Alyssa McCall, Staff October 24, 2023

Teacher of the year is a fun interactive way for students to get together and decide on which teacher impacted their year the most. This year, students circled together and voted for Andrea Whitlock....

Buildings and homes in Imi N’Tala, a village near the Atlas Mountains, were left in ruins by the earthquake.

Moroccan Government Stalls Earthquake Relief Efforts

Radhika Kulkarni, News Editor October 23, 2023

A brutal 6.8 magnitude earthquake thundered throughout central Morocco on September 8, bringing devastation to the city of Marrakesh and obliterating neighboring villages. The United States Geological...

A student reads about the dismissal of the Spain Women Soccer Teams coach.

Critical Leadership Changes for Spanish Women’s team

Miranda Meano, Sports Editor October 23, 2023

On August 20th, 2023, Las Rojas secured their first ever world cup beating England 1-0. In the midst of celebration and happiness, the now-former president of the RFEF, Luis Rubiales, imposed a kiss...

Is Cheating All AI is Good For?

Is Cheating All AI is Good For?

Tanvi Pullabhotla, Staff September 21, 2023

“Just ChatGPT it”: a common phrase circulating around schools this past year. Many people are aware of artificial intelligence, but its capabilities are advancing at speeds never seen before. The...

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