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High school to Higher education: College Admissions

A wall located in the counseling office that shows a variety of colleges to choose from. (Camila Delgado)

Every year of high school paves the way to this moment. The moment when students have to make the challenging decisions of where to commit for the next four years. Even though everyone says they are “ready”, once the time arrives it feels as if reality has finally hit that protective barrier. The realization that this decision shapes the future of their lives overwhelms even the most prepared students. Closing the last chapter of youthful simplicity, and opening a new page to an independent life full of responsibilities is a significant change in their daily lives  that these students are getting ready to experience.

Each college has its method of applying. Some require applicants to write a personalized essay while some don’t even have an essay section. Along with different ways to apply, colleges also differentiate in what they are looking for. One school could be looking for SAT scores and GPA over extracurriculars, while the other is the complete opposite. Students should focus on what they excel in, if they have a high GPA but not the best SAT score, they should understand that it won’t do the damage they think it will. People don’t share the same strengths, which is why stressing over minuscule faults will do more harm than good. All of these factors depend on the person, and it doesn’t change how smart they are, everyone has their own set of skills. 

“I was jumping through hoops just to get in contact with people, who in return would send me in circles” – Joshua Wayland 

Although there are varying processes for making hard decisions one commonality is the ensuing stress. Depending on how suitable  an application is, it determines which college a graduate gets accepted into, whether it’s one they have been working towards their whole life or one just chosen because of an eye-catching interest. Either way, it’s not a walk in the park. Bryn Quigley, from the class of 2023, expressed her thought process throughout the application “The hardest part was writing my essay, which I was told would be the deciding factor in my admission.” Quigley did not think that the Common App was difficult due to all of the tasks required to be completed, rather the sense that one singular essay may determine her results. The anxiety about this is something that will come and go, and overcoming this is one step forward into a person’s bright future.

People think college is always an obvious choice, but Joshua Wayland, who also  graduated in 2023 from Denmark High School,

A student ready to apply for their first year of college. (Anya Singhal)

shares how he didn’t always have his path planned out, “College was most definitely not my first choice, originally I planned on attending trade school.” Wayland had already set his mind on trade school, yet he clarified that his life chose to follow another path. “I fell back on my good GPA and high school background to get the Zell Miller scholarship.” From going from a person who didn’t even plan on attending college to a student at UNG with Zell Miller is an unpredictable change. The Zell Miller is no easy accomplishment, it requires the student to graduate with a 3.7 GPA and take rigorous classes. In the end it pays off 100% of the tuition of the college in the state. High schoolers are always changing their views for the future, but eventually the day will arrive when they feel confident in their decision. Whatever future a person decides to follow it leads to a lone target, to help a person grow. 

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Camila Delgado
Camila Delgado, Student News Editor
It’s always mind-blowing to think about the stories within every person. Each one has their own life, and we can only see the snapshot of it. I often find myself sitting in a coffee shop and finding  comfort in the popular space. The constant vibrations that echo through my headphones as I blast Her’s while typing away at my keyboard doing my daily routine of homework. My story revolves around books and entertainment. Throughout the school year, days pass by where I lose track of time and accidentally pull all nighters because I get so submerged in the stories written on the paper, which often results in a long nap the following day. Some stories aren’t even displayed on paper, video games dominate all the free time in my days. Playing through these different stories and perspectives while having it displayed in front of you feels like you're experiencing it along with the character.
Anya Singhal
Anya Singhal, Editor-in-Chief
The barn is my second home with its dark tan facade, the outside glistening in the bright sun as I push the slightly broken doors open, the sound of our animals filling my ears. A smile rises on my face. Through all of the loud noises, though, I need moments of silence, which resonate with the sounds of typing keys of my work, ranging from fantastical stories to journalistic work. As editor-in-chief, working on Denmark High School’s newspaper is one of numerous pieces that I’ve been passionate about, and I hope to continue sharing stories with those who wish to fill their silence.

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  • A

    Alyssa Justine McCallDec 4, 2023 at 10:10 am

    The thought of college is stressful so when you narrow it down and so it helped how you made it sound less overwhelming!

  • M

    MirandaNov 28, 2023 at 10:11 am

    I like how you share Josh’s experience and shows how its okay to not follow your first option