Case Closed! Denmark’s Mock Trial Club

Members gather in the Forsyth County courthouse following a competition.

Kelis Kim

Members gather in the Forsyth County courthouse following a competition.

Tension fills the room. People dressed in professional attire set a mature mood in the court. Files, papers, and claims are prepared to be presented. The pure joy of filling the shoes of an actual court is a serotonin rush. That’s what Denmark’s Mock trial Club does. From the mechanics of litigation, to information on America’s judicial system, they experience it all. But what type of person is fit for this club? A calculative person? A timid person? A run down from the president herself breaks everything down.

Whether someone is outgoing or shy, mock trials provide the practice needed to become a strong, assured presenter. “When I was a new member,  presenting and ‘attacking’ witnesses was something that scared me,” Kelis Kim, president of Mock Trial states, “but as I continued to practice and attend more mock trials, my speaking skills developed and got better.” Their team is judged by real lawyers when presenting their case, and while this may feel intimidating, it helps build confidence and speaking skills. 

As for what events are participated in, they go to the Forsyth County Courthouse to argue cases they’re given. Kim explains, “Our club studies mock trials and the ethics of how they work and how to present your case in a way that benefits you.” She then adds, “We’re assigned a case, and a side to that case by the Georgia Board and play a role as either a lawyer or a witness.” Kelis is precise and ambitious, so when teaching members how trial interrogations operate, the students are able to catch onto the way lawyers interview witnesses and obtain information to support their case, “We’re assigned a case, and a side to that case by the Georgia Board and play a role as either a lawyer or a witness.” She continues, “During the mock trial, we’re able to cross witness their opponents, integrate their own witnesses, and all sorts of other things that can help members gain insight on how a trial works.” The members attend competitions against other high schools, specifically in Forsyth County. Along with this, students learn how to ethically present themselves and their case’s information. The more mock trials members attend, the better they get at public speaking. It doesn’t matter if a student is a reserved person, what matters is their dedication to develop and create progress.

A new member of Mock Trial, Vainavi Battini, elaborates “The club really teaches us about what real lawyers and witnesses go through, and I get to actually learn things related to law.”  She also adds, “I’m looking forward to the competitions at the Forsyth County Courthouse, and being able to work with a real lawyer!” While she has only been in Mock Trial for a month and hasn’t really witnessed the depths it presents, she has obtained information on how to become better at speaking and debating clauses. Not only that, but she has learned the basics and foundation of the law system. Vainavi has wanted to become a lawyer since she was a little girl. Being in a courtroom and serving America’s judicial system is her dream, so being a part of Mock Trial allows her to reach for the stars and gain experience in her field of interest.

The Mock Trial Club at Denmark allows members to gain experience and have fun while pursuing passion for law. While the thought of being evaluated by actual lawyers may be intimidating, it’ll become easier with practice. To serve and support a witness requires skill and talent and their members learn that by studying previous trials and actually presenting in court. The lawyers of the future may be attending one of their meetings right now.