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Denmark DECA Dominates State

The moment this club has been preparing for all year is shortly arriving. As the most highly participated in club in Denmark, hosting pop up shops, fundraisers, and the prom fashion show are only the surface level operations. DECA is a marketing based organization that members can participate in with varying levels, from attending meetings to competing nationally.  Not only do members gain essential information and skills pertaining to their interests, they build lifelong friendships and connections that will kickstart their future careers. As this year progresses, members have been working nonstop for the upcoming state competition beginning in February, and stakes are high with over 10,000 people participating in this event. 

This competition will be held February 1st through the 3rd in Atlanta. Students have the opportunity to present their manuals to judges, which are essentially a written plan for a new business and how it will run. These consist of a unique product design, product cost, profits, business strategy, target market, and more important components. Members are encouraged to take time to rehearse and make final edits to their presentation before the competition, in which they have the opportunity to win various scholarships and awards. In addition, they will also participate in roleplay events to test their employability skills and knowledge of marketing. 

Junior DECA member Zoe Abraham will be “doing team roleplay this year, so I have done multiple practice tests and I have to plan time to do practice”. 

Denmark marketing teacher, Traci Barone, reveals that “having a positive and professional attitude, utilizing resources, and peer support” are the keys to success during the competition.  Her expertise and devotion to the program have inspired her students to pursue their interests and future careers in marketing. 

Not only do members gain essential information and skills pertaining to their interests, they build lifelong friendships and connections that will kickstart their future careers.

There are many aspects of state that students are looking forward to, and according to Abraham, “My favorite part is the spontaneous part of the roleplay presentation”, due to the creativity and chance to express personality, roleplaying has become a popular favorite among the students. 

DECA state presents a challenging yet rewarding experience, students expressing that they realized the moment they walked through the door, that they have already succeeded just by making it this far in the program. Due to the high number of members participating, the stakes are high and the pressure to be exceptional is as high as ever. The preparation behind creating a manual takes the whole semester before state. Practices take place both in the mornings and after school, allowing students the opportunity to meet with previous competitors and ask questions. However, even with months of preparation, nervousness and anxiety is a prominent issue. Most students would be scared to go up in front of judges and have their hard work critiqued, but for Abraham, “I am nervous I will be late to an event because the food court food is really good”. Apparently there’s more to look forward to than just competing! 

Barone advises that a good way to deal with nervousness is to “Utilize your resources; Your advisers [are] going to help you be successful, [and] not to take yourself too seriously”. It’s important that students do their best to prepare for these events by attending multiple practices, not just reading through a presentation but actual in person rehearsals of the event. This way every outcome can be prepared for and there will be no hesitation or confusion while presenting. Abraham shared that some methods of being successful and valuing the experience is to “enjoy your creativity and take each step of the competition at face value”.  

Additional resources and workshops are also available to contestants, which Barone encourages to “help you to be more employable and more successful in life”. Taking advantage of these workshops promote connections and building relationships with competitors from other states, and the combined knowledge gives students inspiration for future DECA events. By recognizing and celebrating each small success, including making it to state, makes a huge difference in each person’s personal experience. When faced with possible disappointment of not advancing to the next round, realizing small victories makes the whole process rewarding. This competition is a great opportunity for students to develop their speaking and presentation skills, better equipping them for what they will face in the future. 

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