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  • Feb 24 / Track and FieldDenmark - Boys 1st Overall, Roswell -
  • Feb 16 / Girls LacrosseDenmark - 17, Peachtree Ridge - 4
  • Feb 14 / Girls SoccerDenmark - 1, Roswell - 5
  • Feb 13 / Boys SoccerDenmark - 1, Roswell - 0
  • Feb 8 / Boys LacrosseDenmark - 9, Marietta - 12
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The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

Valentines’ Day: Romance or Revenue?

Valentines’ Day: Romance or Revenue?

Brendan Thornton, Staff Writer February 27, 2024

Now that February has officially arrived, love is once more in the air. The famous Valentine's Day occurred recently on the 14th, and most rushed to stores to buy a special something for their special...

Rabbits are one of more popular animals used for animal testing.

The Silent Suffering: The Harsh Truth Behind Animal Testing

Anya Singhal, Editor-in-chief February 27, 2024

In the morning, when putting makeup on, do you think of how that tube of mascara came into your hands? The obvious answer is going through the manufacturing process, but there is so much more that...

Age of Social Media: The Effect

Age of Social Media: The Effect

Anya Singhal, Editor-in-chief December 7, 2023

“Smile!” Click. Post. Our lives are packed with 30 second reels or a quick swipe to read through a post. Most of our intake information is from a simple click of a button. It’s a common...

A picture of the front of the school, where all students enter.

Welcome to Denmark High School

Anya Singhal, Editor-in-chief August 28, 2023

Dear Freshman, Welcome to Denmark High School! This is your fresh start in a new school. This year will probably be filled with schedule stressing, time management and friends. Through all of these...

A mural painted within the hallway of Denmark High School. which states a signature quote and our mascot.

What Makes it a Great Day to be a Dane?

Aksheta Thakur, Staff July 27, 2023
“Freshmen may enter this school as nervous and uncertain individuals, but they soon realize they have become a part of something special.”
Students being able to connect with their friends who are at home through technology.

It’s a Great Day to be a Dane

Angel Martinez, Staff July 15, 2023
“When it comes to comfort at Denmark High School it’s easy to find people you can connect with, it’s easy to reach a high level of comfort. That's what makes it enjoyable to be a student.”
A view from a town in the beautiful Cinque Terre, Italy during an EF trip.

Being a Dane: Exploring the opportunities

Miranda Meano, Staff July 6, 2023
The stresses and pressures can be over-consuming but with the aid of the kindhearted staff of Denmark, students can overcome them.
Students pass out the Whisper fortune cookies to fellow students during lunch!

What Makes It A Great Day To Be A Dane?

Trisha Saxena, Staff June 21, 2023

“It's a great day to be dane, have a great dane day!” These are the words that start our every morning. We rise for the Pledge of Allegiance and the announcements, ending with these words from Mrs....

Friends communicating and bonding between one another.

What Does it Mean to be a Dane?

Camila Delgado, Staff June 15, 2023

The end of my sophomore year has arrived. It feels like it was yesterday that I was trying to figure out what to wear for my first day of high school. Now I’m halfway done and as I watch the parking...

Photo of two of our goats, Robin and Quiver, eating a watermelon at the school barn. This is where I go whenever I’m having a bad day or need some time alone. The animals there are so sweet and they are always wanting love.

A Great Day to be a Dane

Anya Singhal, Entertainment Editor May 31, 2023

Click. The phone camera sounded as my sister took a picture of me in front of my high school. My heart pounded, high school. I was in high school. The most romanticized, but hardest years of grade school.  Walking...

The Danes step back onto the field after halftime more determined than ever. The cat’s in the bag, or should I say the bears?

What Makes it a Great Day to be a Dane?

Natalie Colon, Staff May 24, 2023

I’ve been a Dane for 278 days, and by the end of the year, it will be 294. If there’s one thing I’ve learned from my freshman year of high school, it’s that everyday is a great day to be a dane....

The beautiful image above is the Denmark greenhouse. It is my “safe place”. Though I am not there often, I enjoy the setting so much. It’s calming being around an assortment of plants.

What Makes it a Great Day to be a Dane?

Simryn Darji, Staff May 17, 2023

“What makes it a great day to be a dane?” Typically I would respond to this question with a series of my infamous cliches: “Lunch time” or “Playing in the Denmark courtyard”, but I want my...

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