Recent Scores
  • Feb 7 / Boys SoccerDenmark - 1, Dunwoody - 0
  • Feb 7 / Girls SoccerDenmark - 4, Dunwoody - 0
  • Feb 7 / Boys BasketballDenmark - 35, Milton - 51
  • Feb 7 / Girls BasketballDenmark - 25, Milton - 44
  • Feb 3 / Boys BasketballDenmark - 50, West Forsyth - 58
  • Feb 3 / Girls BasketballDenmark - 35, West Forsyth - 45
  • Feb 3 / Boys SoccerDenmark - 2, Carrollton - 0
  • Feb 3 / Girls SoccerDenmark - 10, Carrollton - 0
  • Jan 31 / Boys BasketballDenmark - 65, Forsyth Central - 38
  • Jan 31 / Girls BasketballDenmark - 41, Forsyth Central - 27
The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School
The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

Students watch round 16 of the World Cup intensely.

One World, One Cup

Camila Delgado, Staff December 19, 2022

The stands tremble as rivaling teams shout cheers to players running for a final goal. Sweat trickles down their faces as their body takes control; they’re running on adrenaline with the clock ticking...

Taylor Swift albums strewn across a bed, brought out in anticipation of Midnights.

Staying Up Until Midnight with Taylor Swift

Katie Strickland, News Editor November 2, 2022

The anticipation that builds before a music artist’s release is similar to Christmas morning- although there are speculations about what you might receive, the joy of unwrapping each verse for the first...

A student observes posts of the Denmark vs. Harrison football game on Instagram.

Let’s BeReal: Is The Rising Platform A Healthier Social Media?

Natalie Colon, Writer October 20, 2022

Teens scroll for hours on social media, from liking videos on Tiktok to vivid galleries on Instagram. Social media is the tasteful eye candy one craves when life feels bland. Yet, it’s evident that social...

A couple climbs a fire escape to have an informal pizza date in the 2018 film Set It Up.

Love to Hate Love

Anya Singhal, Entertainment Editor September 12, 2022

Romantic Comedy: The perfect combination of love and humor, like a pizza with the ideal proportion of cheese, sauce and toppings. This blend has lasted lifetimes, spanning generations. However, it has...

Recently Played: Music at Denmark

Recently Played: Music at Denmark

Vedika Valike, Staff Reporter May 25, 2022

  With hit albums, such as Sour from Olivia Rodrigo and Dawn FM from The Weeknd, this school year's music timeline has been rather intriguing. Recent pop artists have made major billboard hits...

Clairo in Concert!

Clairo in Concert!

Isabella Santiago, Editor April 29, 2022

On the last stop of the Sling Tour, Clairo performed on April 16th and 17th at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. Clairo is a smaller performer known for her music in the genre considered bedroom pop, she uses...

Importance of Reading

Importance of Reading

Anya Singhal, Staff Reporter April 22, 2022

Many people spend a lot of time being in their heads and overthinking things. Sometimes, to get out of their head, they might do dangerous things or things that are bad for them. Unfortunately, sometimes...


Colin Ralph, Videographer March 28, 2022

Newtons Apple Jpg by Alexander Borek CC BY 4.0

Five Common Myths of History

Shani Key, Co Editor-In-Chief March 25, 2022

The world each of us grew up in is filled with endless amounts of fantasies and stories. Stories of princesses falling in love and heroes saving the day. For a moment, those stories are our entire lives....

Curtains Opened

Curtains Opened

Bryn Quigley, Editor February 1, 2022

The comedic musical mystery Curtains graced the stage at Denmark High School in the beginning of 2022. Following a lengthy, thorough practice process, the musical had a few performances scattered across...

Holidays at DENMARK

Colin Ralph, Videographer December 15, 2021

Denmark Vet Science

Colin Ralph, Videographer November 19, 2021

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