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The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Best of Denmark: Kelle Russo

Ms. Russo hard at work to support students and teachers alike. (Anya Singhal)

“Employee of the month”, A well earned award given to those of unrecognized work. Kelle Russo is one example of that, counseling for staff and athletics, while making everyone’s tasks more simple. Russo wanted a change from her current day to day, when she received an opportunity to work at Denmark High School with her well respected associate Mark Karen. “I always appreciated his structure and formation guidance.” Along with a new scene, Russo explains the culture and vibe she was given “ just felt like home”. 

Russo’s work is behind the scenes, interacting with coaches, rosters, and schedules becoming the glue holding together the athletics department. One of Russos key factors of the job is to foster her relationships with staff and coaches. In order to do so, she keeps in mind to create a positive environment such as giving out treats, and always having healthy communication when needed. “The people that I work with genuinely care for one another and am supported from the top down.” Kelle Russo motivates others to create lifelong meaningful relationships by building wholesome work environments. People that make everyone happy to come into work and brighten their days deserve awards, like Kelle Russo.

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Katie Trinh, Staff
Ever since I can remember I've always hated writing, but now I'm in journalism. To me there is nothing better than getting time to lay down for a long 8 hour after school nap,  when my time is consumed by sports. The pain of staying up till 2am playing video games, has my eyes dry while writing this. It does not help that I have excruciating conditioning at 6 am making my legs sore. While I'm still not a fan of writing, photography and visual media is what I hope to get out of this class through Denmark Unleashed.
Anya Singhal, Editor-in-Chief
The barn is my second home with its dark tan facade, the outside glistening in the bright sun as I push the slightly broken doors open, the sound of our animals filling my ears. A smile rises on my face. Through all of the loud noises, though, I need moments of silence, which resonate with the sounds of typing keys of my work, ranging from fantastical stories to journalistic work. As editor-in-chief, working on Denmark High School’s newspaper is one of numerous pieces that I’ve been passionate about, and I hope to continue sharing stories with those who wish to fill their silence.

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