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The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

An image of the set up which shows the relation between TSA and engineering CTAE on their industry certification day.

TSA’s Season Success and New State Secretary

Natalie Brooks, Staff April 2, 2024

Have you ever seen a robot in a dress? How about drones and robots designed, flown, and operated by students? The Technology Student Association, TSA, includes everything from fashion to flight, and...

A picture representation of the new Wonka movie, whose trailer misrepresented the movie as a whole.

New hits in the theater: With Unexpected Twists and Turns

Grecia Torres, Staff February 16, 2024

Picture this: the moment when popcorn-clutching movie lovers discovered that the playful world of Wonka and the sassy halls of Mean Girls weren't just cinematic adventures, but secret musical extravaganzas!...

Mastering Early Applications and Bouncing Back from Deferrals

Natalie Brooks, Staff January 5, 2024

The countdown has ended. Another has begun. Early college applications have been either accepted or deferred, and the general application season begins soon. Students that chose to go to college consider...

Age of Social Media: The Effect

Age of Social Media: The Effect

Anya Singhal, Editor-in-chief December 7, 2023

“Smile!” Click. Post. Our lives are packed with 30 second reels or a quick swipe to read through a post. Most of our intake information is from a simple click of a button. It’s a common...

The Best of Denmark: Kelle Russo

The Best of Denmark: Kelle Russo

Katie Trinh, Staff December 6, 2023

“Employee of the month”, A well earned award given to those of unrecognized work. Kelle Russo is one example of that, counseling for staff and athletics, while making everyone's tasks more simple....

There is a variety of canned foods offered to students, and many different snacks as well.

Food for Thought

Alyssa McCall, Staff October 30, 2023

Denmark High School has realized how not having the right resources can cause an issue in your successful day. Having a roaring stomach fill the quiet room with noise can cause a distraction towards...

A photo of the teacher of the year, Mrs. Whitlock, with the principle, Ms. Oliver.

Teacher of the Year

Alyssa McCall, Staff October 24, 2023

Teacher of the year is a fun interactive way for students to get together and decide on which teacher impacted their year the most. This year, students circled together and voted for Andrea Whitlock....

Students group picture during an eventful dance!

Homecoming Through a “Fresh” Perspective

Katelyn Mills, Staff October 8, 2023

From Friday Night Lights with friends, to basketball games, and theater performances, there is one event that unites all Denmark Dances excited… homecoming! The school hallways light up with excitement...

A smiling photo of Ms. Shumeyko, which is always there when she passionately teaches her classes.

Teacher Spotlight: Ms. Shumeyko

Natalie Brooks, Staff September 21, 2023

Teachers have been shaping lives for centuries, and we have all had our fair share of good and bad ones. Teachers have the opportunity to make a profound impact on students, whether it be sarcastic...

Fashion in High School: How Students Express Themselves

Fashion in High School: How Students Express Themselves

Erin Miller, Staff Writer March 29, 2023
At the end of the day, style is extremely subjective, and an important part of growing up and expressing oneself. Fashion is an integral part of high school culture, and the ever growing trends can influence how students dress.  
A student’s bracket for the Spanish song tournament. Will they hit the mark?

March’s Musical Mania

Natalie Colon, Staff Writer March 24, 2023

16 artists line up for the match of music, preparing to go head to head in strenuous battles. Will they take home the golden glory or walk away empty-handed? A month of mayhem, it’s the best time...

A Denmark Dane donating to a great cause.

ARK: A Random Act of Kindness

Simryn Darji, Staff March 15, 2023

In the hands of every child, a book should reside. A shining, glimmering, majestic book. This book should entice the minds of the young and form new lines of vocabulary within the child's speaking range....

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