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  • Feb 7 / Boys SoccerDenmark - 1, Dunwoody - 0
  • Feb 7 / Girls SoccerDenmark - 4, Dunwoody - 0
  • Feb 7 / Boys BasketballDenmark - 35, Milton - 51
  • Feb 7 / Girls BasketballDenmark - 25, Milton - 44
  • Feb 3 / Boys BasketballDenmark - 50, West Forsyth - 58
  • Feb 3 / Girls BasketballDenmark - 35, West Forsyth - 45
  • Feb 3 / Boys SoccerDenmark - 2, Carrollton - 0
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  • Jan 31 / Boys BasketballDenmark - 65, Forsyth Central - 38
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The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School
The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The group of Peer Leaders gather for a photo.

Hearing S.O.S. and Answering the Call: Sources of Strength

Bryn Quigley, Editor-in-Chief February 8, 2023

Mental health is slowly becoming destigmatized, but awareness isn’t moving quickly enough. Millions of lives are lost to suicide each year, and young people are no exception. A nationwide program coined...

 Planners are the perfect tool to stay organized. One student writes a reminder that the new year is the time for a fresh start.

New Year’s Resolutions: A Fresh Start for Danes

Katie Strickland, News Editor February 7, 2023

Entering the new year is a fresh start for millions each year; the transition acts as a clean slate. Those who long for self-improvement use the opportunity to determine their attitude for the year. Whether...

 Mr. Hudson’s 4th period class reading from the Pearson textbooks in class.

The Lows of the New Year

Anya Singhal, Entertainment Editor January 31, 2023
“It’s like a sudden bucket of stress they throw at you after you’ve been calm for a while,”
Students at Denmark High grabbing  college pamphlets.

Dual Enrollment: The Future is Now

Simryn Darji, Staff January 26, 2023

With the steady fluctuation of college rigor in recent years, multitudes of students look for an edge or eye-catching feature to stand out in their applications. Dual enrollment presents immaculate opportunities...

Sarah Portanka, editor-in-chief of the yearbook, works diligently for the benefit of a massive amount of pages and people.

A Year for the Books

Bryn Quigley, Editor-in-Chief December 29, 2022

When students get their yearbook, they immediately pull it open to the pages with their faces. When they get home, their mothers coo, “Oh, let me see you!” Then there’s a kerfuffle, a couple comments...

Time to Hustle

Time to Hustle

Aksheta Thakur, Staff December 19, 2022

The school year has reached its midpoint, with only one semester remaining until Danes advance to their next cycle. Although the excitement that the year is coming closer to the end is prominent at Denmark,...

Prioritizing Mental Health

Prioritizing Mental Health

Anya Singhal, Entertainment Editor December 15, 2022

The broad idea of mental health has always been an important subject in the world, but it came to the forefront as the COVID-19 pandemic hit. Many teenagers and adults struggled with newfound loneliness...

This student is shown studying on an important site, Quizlet. Its an online learning resource that can provide students with the information needed to pass a class.

Aiming for the A: Midterm Preparation

Simryn Darji, Staff December 14, 2022

Some students love the challenge of midterm exams while others dread it. Hunched backs over endless textbooks, students race to the edge of sleep, reaching over to the knowledge they hadn't obtained. Fingertips...

The Fall of Z-Library

The Fall of Z-Library

Ellia Houtsma, Student Life Editor December 6, 2022
Imagine having access to an entire world of literature, 10 million books and 84 million articles, all downloadable with the click of a button.
Students explore the endless options that the media center has to offer.

Literary Treasure Trove

Jake Knight, Staff December 5, 2022

In high school, reading becomes incorporated into the day-to-day life of every  student. There’s no way around it. Poring over a book could feel like a chore, whether or not the reader enjoys it, so...

Miranda Meano, Camila Delgado, Lilah Martens, and Caitlyn Jeffrey huddle together, sharing in Thanksgiving spirit and food at Newspapers gathering.

Giving Thanks

Erin Miller, Staff November 18, 2022

November came faster than a chilly wind, and as it blows by, so do the holidays. Right around the corner is Thanksgiving, a moment to pause and be thankful for all that we have.  Denmark is filled...

A literal peek at a few of the things that the pantry has to offer.

A Peek Inside The Pantry

Erin Miller, Staff November 14, 2022

Inside the counselors office, morning or afternoon, a plethora of students can be seen in line for the pantry. When asked about this new addition to our school, Mrs. Covington, the creator immediately...

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