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  • Oct 1 / VolleyballDenmark - 0, East Coweta - 2
  • Oct 1 / VolleyballDenmark - 0, North Cobb - 2
  • Oct 1 / VolleyballDenmark - 2, Harrison - 0
  • Sep 30 / SoftballDenmark - 5, Blessed Trinity - 2
  • Sep 28 / SoftballDenmark - 11, Roswell - 1
  • Sep 26 / SoftballDenmark - 7, Etowah - 8
  • Sep 23 / FootballDenmark - 28, Dacula - 25
  • Sep 22 / SoftballDenmark - 0, Lambert - 2
  • Sep 22 / VolleyballDenmark - 3, Milton - 1
  • Sep 20 / SoftballDenmark - 4, West Forsyth - 0
The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School
The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

Members gather in the Forsyth County courthouse following a competition.

Case Closed! Denmark’s Mock Trial Club

Aarna Dessai, Writer September 29, 2022

Tension fills the room. People dressed in professional attire set a mature mood in the court. Files, papers, and claims are prepared to be presented. The pure joy of filling the shoes of an actual court...

Danes, donuts, and delight. New students share breakfast in the cafeteria.

Recent Luncheon Welcomes New Danes To The Pack

Natalie Colon, Staff September 27, 2022

Starting at a new school can feel like being a sheep surrounded by a pack of wolves. An abundance of eyes glaring shrewd and gray, as the newcomer hides within its wool coat. With no one to talk to to...

Running may be involved, but FCA isnt just for athletes.

FCA Fuels Fellowship at Denmark

Lilah Martens, Staff September 23, 2022

Thousands of Denmark students roll out of bed before the birds are chirping. After hitting the snooze button over and over, prolonging the inevitable, there’s a faint amount of motivation to go to school...

Students file into the school store in hopes of buying a cookie.

Deep Dive into Dane Den

Ellia Houtsma, Student Life Editor September 15, 2022

Nearly all Denmark students agree that lunch is one of the best parts of the day. Not just because they get to talk to their friends and dig into a slice of cafeteria pizza, but because of the promise...

Conquering Confidence

Conquering Confidence

Rae Mahamkali, Staff Reporter May 26, 2022

Self-confidence is a fundamental quality. We require confidence in our everyday lives, whether giving a presentation or having a simple conversation. Many struggle with low self-esteem, which impacts both...

Recently Played: Music at Denmark

Recently Played: Music at Denmark

Vedika Valike, Staff Reporter May 25, 2022

  With hit albums, such as Sour from Olivia Rodrigo and Dawn FM from The Weeknd, this school year's music timeline has been rather intriguing. Recent pop artists have made major billboard hits...

The Black Student Union

The Black Student Union

Jada Immanuel, Co-Editor-In-Chief May 6, 2022

Unlike what most would think, the Black Student Union, BSU, is not just interested in students of just one race or ethnicity. The BSU is open to all students to come, learn, and share. The club was made...


The Last Friday

Ashante Key, Co Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2022

With prom being this past weekend and finals not long after, Seniors are finally feeling the weight of the end of a long-awaited chapter. To finish things off, this week we have had a variety of school...

Basic Life Lessons That Arent So Common

Basic Life Lessons That Aren’t So Common

Jada Immanuel, Co-Editor-In-Chief April 29, 2022

“Classrooms are meant for learning”, but for learning what? We’re told in school that the skills we learn in Calculus will be used later on in life. That could be true if you plan on being an engineer...

Clairo in Concert!

Clairo in Concert!

Isabella Santiago, Editor April 29, 2022

On the last stop of the Sling Tour, Clairo performed on April 16th and 17th at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. Clairo is a smaller performer known for her music in the genre considered bedroom pop, she uses...

The Social Dilemma

The Social Dilemma

Victoria Bryant, Staff Reporter April 1, 2022

How often does the average teen spend hours mindlessly scrolling through posts? The constant  “ding” rings in our heads and phones lull us to bed. Every second of the day is precious and the clock...

The History of Black History Month

The History of Black History Month

Kelaiah Benjamin, Staff Reporter March 11, 2022

After attending the Lincoln Jubilee in 1915, which was held to commemorate the 50th anniversary of emancipation, Carter G. Woodson, a historian, and son of former slaves, was inspired to contribute to...

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