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The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

Taylor Swift performing at The Eras Tour at the Mercedes-Benz Stadium.

The Afterglow of Swift’s Sun

Katie O'Neal, Arts & Entertainment September 7, 2023

A tolerable artist can write some music, a decent artist can have a concert, a quality artist can go on tour, and a talented artist can sell out a tour. But, only Taylor Swift can gross $1 billion from...

Representation Revealed in Art

Representation Revealed in Art

Lilah Martens, Staff January 12, 2023

What might seem like a straightforward map mural at the front of the school is much more. Painted with an array of blues and decorated with colorful friendship bracelets, hanging proudly on the entrance...

Junior Lilly Cody works diligently to place printed digital artwork onto a presentable board.

Painting Smiles

Natalie Colon, Staff December 21, 2022

Colors. Electric, awakening colors send shivers like cold water on skin. Parents eager to attend their childrens’ holiday concert slow their stride. Their eyes wander across every crevice of a kaleidoscope....

Sam Mesi, senior, Nathan Pak, sophomore, and Kai Burdick, junior, perform a solo during the song Buglers Holiday.

Musical Merrymakers

Bryn Quigley, Editor-in-Chief December 20, 2022

Searching the school after hours, locating the band concert was a breeze. With a door propped open, a melodious performance preview could be heard in every hallway. Members rushed in and out of the...

Newsies Seize the Stage

Newsies Seize the Stage

Natalie Colon, Staff December 9, 2022

The overhead lights dim as a single luminescent beam glitters down onto  centerstage. Faint shadows of the towering set peek through the darkness, the room cloaked in silence. Then, the sound of hasty...

 Divya Chama presents a sample speech in a persistent manner.

Silver-Tongued Speakers: Clemson Poetry Contest Winners

Natalie Colon, Staff November 7, 2022

The room is left in a hypnotic haze as words trickle out like midnight rain. A voice of velvet spiels a celestial spell while swift hands enact fiery passion.  Every October, Clemson University hosts...

Vina Jumper, one of Denmarks art teachers, demonstrates how to create a pinch pot to the memebrs of NAHS.

NAHS: The Healing Power of Art

Marianna Orozco, Staff October 26, 2022

Walking down the art hallway feels like walking through a cultural gallery, with bright hues of saccharine yellow and deep tones of the bottomless ocean being displayed on bulletin boards and in glass...

Colors of the Wind: Color Guard in Season

Colors of the Wind: Color Guard in Season

Miranda Meano, Writer October 4, 2022

Bright-colored flags flutter in the wind adding beauty and uniqueness to passionate performances by the band. Color guard is a team of performers who express messages through dances and routines. They...

Whitney Pruitt’s first piece as she begins AP 3D Art.

Harmonious Headway: Senior Artists Look Back

Natalie Colon, Staff September 16, 2022

Colored pencils are seized from the table and thrown into a box, without any thought to where each color belongs. Red escapes into the blue section. Yellow isolated among the cluster of purple. Leftover...

The marching band practices their formations during a beautiful sunset.

Strenuous Practices for Glorious Shows

Trisha Saxena, Staff September 14, 2022

The audience sits in the football stadium, buzzing with excitement. Suddenly, the announcement sounds, signaling Denmark’s marching band. The thunderous echo of the first notes ring throughout the stadium,...

Recently Played: Music at Denmark

Recently Played: Music at Denmark

Vedika Valike, Staff Reporter May 25, 2022

  With hit albums, such as Sour from Olivia Rodrigo and Dawn FM from The Weeknd, this school year's music timeline has been rather intriguing. Recent pop artists have made major billboard hits...

The senior theatre members embrace onstage in one last farewell.

Curtains Closed.

Bryn Quigley, Editor May 15, 2022

Presented to those who had participated in Denmark’s theatre production of Curtains were the Shuler Awards for excellence in drama. On April 22nd, the actors as well as the production team of the musical...

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