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The Verdict’s Out: Legally Blonde Jr. is a Winner

The cast of Denmark High School’s production of “Legally Blonde: The Musical JR.” (Brendan Thornton)

Opening night. The audience is brimming with anticipation, however, they are unaware of the musical masterpiece about to emerge from the curtains. Tonight belongs to the Legally Blonde Jr. cast and crew. They’ve been perfecting this performance for months, and all of their hard work has led up to this ultimate climax. How can they be certain that the show will run smoothly? How do they know that it will all go according to plan? Opening night is more than an evening; it’s the culmination of months of preparation and passion poured into a night that will last a lifetime.

Any great show starts with a cast expertly placed in the roles that best suit them. The cast is the foundation for the entire musical. Denmark teacher and director Mrs. Roney explained that “the cast of Legally Blonde Jr. really set the tone for the show… and have made rehearsal into a positive and inviting environment.” Despite the fact that auditions spark fear in the hearts of many, they are crucial to building this friendly ambiance. Actors prep material from the show and give it their all as they make the first leap into the world of elaborate costumes, tiny chihuahuas, and the one and only Harvard Law School. Mrs. Roney shared that “casting can sometimes be challenging due to the sheer amount of talent” in DHS performing arts students. However difficult they may be, auditions and casting are the cornerstone of a magnificent show. If actors must risk their most vulnerable selves for an audition, why do they do it? For Olivia Ford, who plays Vivienne in the show, it’s the “rewarding [feeling] after seeing the show come together.” Ultimately, passion spurs people on to reach beyond their comfort zones and discover what they’re capable of. This passion is distinctly displayed in the world of musical theater. 

The honest truth is that theater is incredibly strenuous on both the mind and the body. Passionate cast and crew members spend grueling hours pouring their souls into something that may appear futile because the fruits of their labor don’t appear until much later. From an outside view, the commitment seems like too much to handle. Cast member Bailey Redding, or Enid in the show, admitted that, “It is difficult to stay up to date with all of the blocking, choreo, and singing…along with schoolwork.” Everyone has developed their own strategies to balance rehearsals with schoolwork, social life, and other commitments. Mrs. Roney revealed that “The students work really hard to keep up with their schoolwork as many of them are taking higher level classes. Students often use any down time or Dane time to catch up.” Ford manages “rehearsals and schoolwork by spreading out [her] work and doing more on the days [she] has less rehearsals.” Redding shared that she spends long nights studying and often has to wake up early to finish homework. Coping methods like these help balance the burden of high school while still allowing students to participate in the things they’re passionate about and prioritize their mental health. 

Opening night is more than an evening; it’s the culmination of months of preparation and passion poured into a night that will last a lifetime.

Legally Blonde Jr.  is worth the wait and the stress. Although the preparations are tiresome, the stunning result confirms to the cast that their efforts are invaluable. For Redding, theater is worth it “because of the people you meet and the community you build. Even though it is tough, it is so much fun in the end.” The atmosphere surrounding the tight knit group is warm and welcoming; it draws people in and encourages them to do something they love. The musical theater community is a family that challenges and supports each other.

Technical theatre students studying the program for the upcoming “Legally Blonde” show. (Brendan Thornton)

The head of this powerful family is the illustrious Mrs. Roney. The dedicated chorus and musical theater teacher is also the lead director of Legally Blonde Jr. She is inspired to pursue theater because the ability “to transform and tell a story that makes people feel something is an incredible gift and one that the world will always need.” She leads the cast in their rehearsals and assists them in becoming the most powerful version of themselves. She strives to create a fun and positive atmosphere at rehearsals and performances. A key factor in producing these ideal conditions is the show choice. Mrs. Roney commented that she loves “how fun and silly the show can be at times. This kind of fun environment is exactly what [she] wanted students to experience at the start of the year so that all students involved could immediately have a community to get to know and have a positive experience right off the bat.” Denmark High School’s kick off show for the 2023-24 school year is an exciting opportunity for both performing arts students and those attending the marvelous musical.

From actors to directors to techies, everyone has been working tirelessly to perfect the breathtaking performance of Legally Blonde Jr. Mrs. Roney bragged on her cast and crew and said that they “have worked very hard to make this show spectacular.” Their efforts have made the show what it is, and now it is Denmark’s duty to come out and support their fellow Danes. The show opening is on October 5, and it will run through the 7th. Tickets can be purchased at the DHS performing arts website, The sheer talent and hard work of the cast and crew is clearly portrayed throughout the night.

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