Basic Life Lessons That Aren’t So Common

Jada Immanuel, Co-Editor-In-Chief

“Classrooms are meant for learning”, but for learning what? We’re told in school that the skills we learn in Calculus will be used later on in life. That could be true if you plan on being an engineer or mathematician, but most of us don’t. What we really need for life are practical habits and tips. So, here are 5 things you need to know in order to truly succeed in life



While this may seem like an obvious adult-like thing to do, you’d be surprised by just how many people don’t know-how. Cleaning goes beyond taking care of your laundry, even though you should know how to do that. Cleaning is about responsibility. Cleaning should make you feel more independent; you don’t need your parents to clean behind you anymore. Make mini-goals, like making sure the sink is never full of dishes or that you actually have one pair of pants left when you wash your laundry. 



How often do you eat out? No, really. The average teenager spends 23% of their money on food. Which is outrageous when you have food sitting in the fridge at home. You should invest in a cooking course, or even youtube videos. Find something that’s worth cooking for, like your favorite pasta, and do that. Cooking is a proven way to boost your energy and health.  


Money Management

The bank account that you have with $5 left in it is calling out to you right now. You know spending $100 on those shoes wasn’t really worth it, not when you have to pay for your gas. The truth is that it’s hard for teenagers to know when to say no. We want everything when we want it. A good way to start with positive money habits is to set up a savings account, one that you deposit a regular set of money into every month. This can help you save a lot of money in what will feel like a little time. That way the next time you want to buy some brand new Jordans, you don’t feel like you made a huge mistake.



Organization is an oversung cliche but true nonetheless. Do you have a messy corner? Or is the whole room messy? Whatever the case, clutter is not good for the brain. Organization takes away stress and brings a sense of accomplishment. The best way to start organizing is to take stock of everything that you have and make sure it actually has a place to fit into. Whether that’s clothes or the events on your calendar. Whatever you don’t have room for, take it out.


In case of emergency

Just because you’re grown doesn’t mean you won’t have to deal with an emergency. Actually, the older you get the more the responsibility there is on you to handle an emergency. The surefire way to make sure that you are prepared for an emergency is to make a plan. You can do this by running through scenarios in your mind. Pack an emergency bag or kit, and keep it in a place you’ll remember. As awkward as it might be, you should run drills to make sure that you are familiar with the steps you’ll need to take.


If after these steps you still don’t feel prepared for life, I don’t know what to tell you. Maybe you’re just scared because life is scary. Life is big and unknown, but know that you aren’t alone and you’ll have people to ask for help when you stumble. Life is just one continuous lesson so keep learning.