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Denmark Unleashed

“Pitbulls, strength and reports of serious bites have led to their widespread fear and media coverage.”

Pitbulls, for their strength and reports of serious bites, have been faced with widespread fear and media coverage for years. Similarly, the XL bully dog is a large, muscular American canine created from a variety of dog breeds that can be aggressive due to inbreeding. 

Due to the fact that XL bully dogs are not registered in the United Kingdom, The Kennel Club (a dog breed registry) developed its own specifications to describe these dogs, such as a minimum height of 19 inches for females and 20 inches for males. These regulations haven’t been taken lightly, as many XL bully owners have raced to sign a petition claiming these rules are “unfair targeting of certain breeds” (Gillies).

In England and Wales, “it is now illegal to breed, sell, advertise, exchange, gift, rehome, abandon, or allow XL bully-type dogs to stray” (Thomas). In order to own an XL bully in either nation, one must follow numerous steps. Applying for a government’s exemption scheme ensures the public that the XL bully has been deemed non-threatening. If puppies are born, they will most likely be euthanized, which is why neutering the dog is essential. Third-party public liability insurance is required in the event that an XL bully ends up injuring someone else. The canines will be tracked via an implanted microchip, and can only be walked in public with a muzzle and a leash. 

The Dangerous Dog Act offers rationale to pass legislation restricting XL bullies, which led to XL bully owners protesting with signs adorning slogans such as “Save Our Bullies!” and “Don’t Bully Our Bullies!” Regardless of the petitions and protests, the legislation has already been passed and owners must adhere to the new laws. 


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