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Taylor Swift Never Goes Out Of Style

She has 100.8 million monthly listeners on Spotify alone. She’s earning 4.1 billion USD for a tour that boosted the US economy. Also has secured 129.8 million USD the first two weeks at the domestic box office for her movie, and the list goes on. She is Taylor Swift. The brand new Eras Tour movie documents a behind the scenes look into the 3 hour stage performance in her Eras Tour in North America. It reached theaters October 13. Online ticket websites glitched and crashed due to so many people eager to get the best seats. Swift previously caused a similar problem: the ticketmaster incident when the world went nuts to experience her in concert. Taylor Swift continues to shock the world with her loyal fanbase. She has been a successful artist over the course of 16 years and has managed to maintain her success. She releases hits after hits, era after era. She’s like a bakery, people don’t know what pastry they like more.  

A student goes online to purchase tickets to the “Eras Tour” film.

Number one Taylor Swift fan, Lily Straka, gives insight on why she went to see the movie even though she already experienced the concert firsthand. Lily states, “I had a hard time recalling the experience. Watching the film gave me an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the performance and details I missed before.” Caught in a whirlwind of emotions with the music, dances, and the crowd’s energy, fans like Lily have mildly blacked out, and their memory is blurred. Finding themselves leaving the concert not remembering the experience much as they want to. The movie can help them remember certain performances and small details they have forgotten because of the overwhelming joy during the concert.

Marketing teams are using Taylor Swift’s name on the road, websites, and more; this tends to lead to Taylor Swift themed headlines that constantly talk about how she’s one of the most influential artists. Lily shares that “She’s continued to break boundaries in the music industry. Taylor writes her entire discography herself with the ability to share vulnerable stories and has emphasized the power of authentic storytelling. She has inspired many new growing artists and aspiring songwriters while also speaking out about women’s equality, LGBTQ rights, and other conversations artists are too afraid to discuss.” While Taylor hits the top charts with her incredible lyricism and voice, she also promotes inclusivity and has spoken out on social and political issues others are too fearful to speak out on. Lily talked about  how many girls look up to Taylor Swift because she isn’t afraid to address or speak on important things her fanbase finds important.

Watching the film gave me an opportunity to thoroughly enjoy the performance and details I missed before in concert”

Junior Anna Mullis wasn’t always a Swiftie. She used to only listen to her songs when they were on the radio, but she then fell in love with her discography when Taylor’s album Folklore dropped. Anna explains how  “Her music is very diverse and accommodates a wide range of people. She has ten albums, and each one has a different sound. Her authenticity and uniqueness in the music industry has impacted so many people to step out of their comfort zone to create different styles of music.” Taylor has collaborated with Kendrick Lamar’ and Chris Stapleton. Lamar is a rapper and did a rap verse on “Bad Blood”  while Stapleton is a country singer and collaborated on a country song “I Bet You Think About Me”; this variety demonstrates that Taylor can create and collaborate on any genre of music, which allows her to reach a bigger audience. Anna mentions how Taylor’s music has specifically relates with Gen Z. “Her music has not just resonated with our demographic but united many of us together. Taylor has grown as we have grown, so every era of her life we can relate to it as well.” This beautifully exemplifies how fans have built a connection with the artist. Taylor Swift’s artistic evolution is a parallel journey of the stages that every person can relate to.

Anna explains that the concert “The energy was indescribable, and seeing fans in their unique outfits and enjoying the songs that some of us grew up on  is something special. Taylor made a 5 hour long concert feel like just 1 hour, and getting to relive that feeling in the movie theater is a sense of déjà vu and great memories.” Swift’s ability to create such a captivating experience speaks to the anticipation and enthusiasm that her shows generate. Her performance has encapsulated fans in a timeless bubble of happy memories.

Setting the bar high by breaking many world records, Taylor swift continues to stun the media and her fans. Her new movie gives a representation of how much of a musical icon she is while reinventing the dynamics of the entertainment industry. Many videos trending on TikTok show people before and after watching the movie realizing how talented she is when previously speaking negatively of Taylor. Her music has created long lasting friendships with devoted fans who have gone to her concerts over the years, and even if they didn’t get the chance to see the Eras Tour in person, the movie gives chills in the theater seat and brings back bittersweet memories.

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