The Last Friday


Ashante Key, Co Editor-in-Chief

With prom being this past weekend and finals not long after, Seniors are finally feeling the weight of the end of a long-awaited chapter. To finish things off, this week we have had a variety of school spirit activities to say farewell to this year’s graduating class. After a year or two of faltered proms, this is the one year Denmark’s inaugural class is given a full-blown prom. With prom being at lanier tech and a great gaspy theme, many have already made way for the trends of 2022.

Spirit Week Highlights 

Anything-But-A-Backpack – Seniors were told to bring anything but a backpack for their Monday of high school! Having brought coolers, dressers and kayaks the week began with friendly laughs and good vibes all around! To top things off seniors had a picnic at sunset filled with music and friendly faces

Totally Tropical – Students were given Kona Ice and games for an entire tutorial class. With music blaring, cameras flashing and balls thrown, even the rain couldn’t stop these seniors from having a good time

Eyes On The Future – To celebrate a new chapter begins students repped their future goals and careers this past Wednesday, in preparation for the months to come.

Decades Day – Along with free chick fil for lunch Seniors dresses up as their favorite decade and enjoyed the beautiful day! – 

Class of 22’ – The last day of high school begins with a beautiful senior sunrise and yearbook distribution. Students wear their Denmark colors as they bid farewell. 


Dresses are off the charts as new trends such as feathers and capes make way. What all did we see this past Saturday? 

  • Loafers 
  • Feathers  
  • Silk 
  • Sequin 
  • Clear/ cut out 
  • Off the shoulder 
  • Capes 
  • Mermaid 
  • Embroidery 
  • Limos 
  • Party Bus 
  • Rented Cars 

Take the poll to see who was best dressed!

As the year concludes we would like to say goodbye to all the seniors who have been here the last four years and who have grown with Denmark through all the changes, good and bad. This new chapter brings more opportunities and success. Have a good rest of the year.