Newest Arrival: Denmark’s Media Arts Classes

Opening the doors to upcoming years leaves a sense of excitement for new learning opportunities. The thrill of pursuing your interests is an adrenaline rush. As time progresses, so does Denmark High School. Two new courses are being added in time for registration season: Media Arts for Theater and Media Arts for Music. Both courses provide an additional source of passion for those pursuing or wanting to try out film and videography. The arts to videos, this newest arrival extends an additional hand for Denmark students.

The art studio is lending their macbooks for videography in Media Arts.

From endorsing artistic programs, to marketing through the art of film, Mr.Grizzle explains more in depth about these two courses. “The Media Arts for Music class will give our students who are interested in sound design, recording, music editing and sound for film a place to explore. ” states Mr. Grizzle. “On top of that, Media Arts for Theatre deals directly with anything media related including lights, sound, marketing, projection design, film and film acting.” The tech theater course demonstrates more of a marketing strategy to advertise theater and music at Denmark High School, specifically through videography. Plus, the music course allows music videography to be explored. These classes are being added to provide more information and give students the opportunity to pursue their interests in video production and potentially film and theater marketing. This media arts opportunity allows students to practice and experience the enjoyment, passions, and art of recording through methods of marketing. 

Additionally, Mr. Grizzle states, “To my knowledge, we will be the first school to offer these courses as an option. Hopefully it will put us ahead in some of these areas.” His passions for Denmark’s theater pours into these classes as they are a special edition to the talented arts programs. Grizzle’s excitement was clear from the bright smile on his face, and his words demonstrate the potential is available for students who take these new courses. 

Mr.Grizzle sets up the Theater stage with designs from Tech Theater, displaying future designs for media arts.

Furthermore, this class is open to all students. Everyone is encouraged to try them out as they contain valuable information pertaining to the visual world. It allows students to seize the opportunity and try something new. 

Moreover, Ms. Roney, the chorus teacher, voices her thoughts on these new courses. “Insert Quote” “Insert Quote”  Her support of these courses demonstrates the additional opportunities for the musically talented students and those who want to elevate their interest in music. Not only that, but it allows students to multitask with videography and theater, or videography and music. For any music interested students, this class is just for them. 

Overall, these classes contribute to the development of Denmark’s tribute to provide more opportunities and resources for its students. These new media arts classes allow students to express themselves artistically through a camera and gain a new experience, an opportunity that Denmark is providing first. Whether that experience be musically or theatrically, those memories unlock a new key to the student’s highschool experience. Make sure to check out these classes during the upcoming course registration season for not only a unique experience, but a memorable one as well.