A Peek Into the Seeds For FFA Week

FFA members gather and work with crafts to prepare for whats coming.

Anya Singhal

FFA members gather and work with crafts to prepare for what’s coming.

Future Farmers of America is an organization where aspiring young students get a chance to grow as individuals in the vast world of agriculture. Throughout the academic year, members compete in career-developing events and are involved with workshops at meetings to expand their horizons. Within the plethora of activities, a certain upcoming event is one of the club’s major highlights: FFA week!

FFA week takes place between February 20th-24th, and it is filled with exciting and engaging activities. It is a time for members to share FFA’s impact on its members, and what they take away from it. FFA’s president, Leah Walker, excitedly explains, “The initial intent behind this special week was to get creative so that, members and advisors can share their love for FFA through innovative and creative ways,” The innovation and thoughtfulness put into this week was something that took time, as well as multiple minds, to assemble.

Alongside Leah, some key influences in FFA week were MacKenzie Kratz (FFA’s secretary), and Mrs. Williams (an advisor). The officers and advisors spent their time and effort into coming up with this year’s FFA week within multiple meetings, truly wanting this to be an unforgettable experience. In fact, the events this year are different from last year’s, allowing for the week’s experiences to be further enjoyed and broadened. Mrs.Williams, one of the FFA advisors, says, “Each year we develop a program of activities around 15 standards that give our members involvement opportunities centered around the mission statement where they get to learn to lead, experience growth, and build a resume,” These events truly build on one’s character and experiences as a student in high school.

From the rainbows of creativity, to opportunities for members across the nation, FFA week is a joy to look forward to. Leah herself looks forward to when, “Advisors, officers, and members will all take a stroll outside to write what event they are most excited about on the sidewalk,” Within the variety of planned events coming up, one is sure to find an activity to look forward to and thrive in. Future Farmers of America truly is planting the seeds to a better future.