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Connect Culture: One World, Many Stories

Denmark is home to many different cultures, and students are making an effort to celebrate each others’ differences every day. Connect Culture is an initiative started by three students as a project for Future Business Leaders of America (FBLA), and is already making impacts on the school and students involved.

Junior, Aditi Deshmukh, started Connect Culture and with her efforts, she is able to spread awareness and spark change throughout the school. When asked about the vision for this project, Aditi says we hope too, “bring cultural awareness to our community… and emphasize the importance of embracing our differences.” One way she accomplished this is through different games and activities for students to engage in. An example of an activity the club held was a trivia that took place during lunch which included questions about a variety of cultures. This trivia was a way for students to not only recognize the value held in different cultures, but also benefited them in learning about where many of their peers come from. 

Various students connecting in a classroom. (Anya Singhal)

Denmark prides itself on being a school with a wide range of different people, and a way to respect this starts with students acknowledging the importance of this topic. With students sharing their stories, staff members have also spoken up about how learning about different cultures has taken them far. Aditi mentions that, “Ms. Ergun and Mr. Shirley shared their experiences in our school and how it broadened their views and impacted the ways they approach their professional and personal lives.” It is a privilege to be surrounded by so many different backgrounds in the student body at Denmark, as there is something to learn from each and every person, and they all bring something new to the table. Teachers have a special place in this as they interact with hundreds of students on a daily basis, so teachers like Ergun and Shirley were able to share the things they have learned from the variety of students they have the opportunity to interact with everyday.

“We hope too, “bring cultural awareness to our community, … and emphasize the importance of embracing our differences.”

Leaders of Connect Culture are also using their experiences and knowledge to impact the future class of

Student scrolls through the Connect Culture social media page (Anya Singhal)

Denmark. By going to Desana Middle School, they were able to work with the middle school students on the topic of recognizing different cultures, especially in the workplace. This sparked conversation and aided young students in making cultural connections to not only their everyday lives, but also their futures in the workplace. 

As this is one of the first clubs of its kind at Denmark, it has the chance to have a lasting impact on students and the Denmark community. Bringing continued awareness to this topic can help students feel valued for their culture and a sense of belonging in a place where many differences are brought together. Check out the club’s Instagram to stay caught up with the future events they have to offer @_connectculture!

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    Miranda Sofia MeanoApr 22, 2024 at 11:26 am

    I think its very interesting how students aim to learn and spread their cultures. I think it creates a better environment in school.