Vibrant Dance: Vibha’s Gratifying Garba


The air sways, propelling dancers forward. They feel as light as feathers, while skirts and kurtas twirl and spin around. The clacking of the dandiya sticks- traditional dance sticks- and the music booming from the speakers speaks to the heart. Red, yellow, pink, green, and many other colors bring the atmosphere to life. The aroma of fusion spices from American pizza and Indian cuisine puts people in a trance. The buzzing music in their ears, the swaying of their bodies in the air, and the savory scent of fusion food all together creates an authentic experience. Denmark’s nonprofit club, ‘VIBHA’, is hosting a garba, an Indian traditional dance from the state of Gujarat in order to worship the female goddesses in Hinduism. This dance is truly one of a kind and filled with special memories, and overall convivial.anikaan

“The origin of VIBHA actually initiating a garba was from last year,” Srushtee Dulori, the president of the club elaborates,“One of our officers from last year really enjoyed dancing, so she decided to host a garba.” Srushtee then adds, “She thought it was a good way to bring fun and entertainment to everyone around her, and it raises money for the less developed communities.” The VIBHA garba allows people to come together as a community and have fun experiencing a new culture. This dance also serves a greater purpose by providing aid for underdeveloped places, as the money made from VIBHA’s garba goes to communities that could use this money for basic needs, such as food. As for the nitty gritty details about this Garba, the president can run that down right now.

“For food items, we are ordering from a restaurant called Flippin Pizza, which is basically New-york style traditional pizza with an Indian twist to it,” explains the president. From the tangy, spicy flavor from samosas that rest on your taste buds, to the creamy, rich flavors of the tart cottage cheese paneer, the pizza harbors a platter of flavors. Samosa and Paneer Tikka are traditional Indian foods, so the fusion of New York Style Pizza and the spices from Samosa and Paneer Tikka is an explosion of flavors! Along with that, they’re serving Mango Lassi, which is a traditional, fun Indian drink that tastes like heaven. It’s tangy, sweet, and refreshing. She then continues, “Nearing the garba, we’ll put up flyers around the school where you can scan the QR code to purchase a ticket.” “Currently, we’re actually having a mentoring program for sophomores and freshmen,” explains Anika Kulkarni, the Vice President of Vibha. “Later in the Spring, we’re planning an event nearing Holi, but we won’t reveal much about that just yet!” states Kulkarni. Holi is another traditional religious holiday for Hinduism around March, so look forward to another exhilarating event during that time.

Vibha has been very coordinated with their events and vocal about helping the community around them, especially underdeveloped areas. Their garba serves a deeper meaning below the aspect of dancing, fun, food, and music. Attending this garba may be a first time experience for some and a nostalgic experience for others. This traditional Indian event places an advantageous impact on the areas around us, and it’s all thanks to Vibha. The President and Vice President have created a way to benefit those around them, while making it fun and contributing to the high school experience. Having a pleasant time with friends, while benefiting the community, is one of the many amazing things VIBHA can do. So, be sure to look out for those upcoming posters to participate in this cultural event!