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Dawg Pound Shapes School Spirit

Dawg pound leader eagerly waiting for the game to begin.

Ecstatic students filled the stands to the brim, cheering on their team, and repping Navy and Carolina blue. There is no comparison to the unity and energy cultivated in a group of student supporting student athletes. People who were once just classmates or people you pass in the hall transform into a group. Dawg Pound is a club at Denmark whose members attend every sporting event, home or away. Without a doubt, it is the most passionate and motivating with the hopes of unifying DHS and creating an atmosphere that should be welcoming to all.

Dawg pound members are primarily seniors who lead the chants and encourage underclassmen to get involved. Jack White is a senior member of the club who is proud of the image Dawg Pound has created, “It’s a great way for students to get connected within Denmark and with their peers, we give our school a good image.” They encourage students to get more involved and represent their colors. Dawg Pound is an admirable extracurricular activity that creates an exciting environment at school. Attending football, volleyball, and soccer games shows their support and appreciation for the time and dedication athletes pour into representing our school and dominating every game. Before every game, the members set the tone at the tailgate. Dawg Pound holds a tailgate with snack food, lawn games, and the table slamming. Ceci Ippoliti, a senior leader, goes all out for every game. Whether it’s Hawaiian or red, white, and blue themed, Ceci eagerly dresses up to show her school spirit in support of Denmark’s athletes. Ceci explains why students should join the pound, “Students should join for a fun way to get involved in the school community through our athletic program.” This club makes attending sports events appealing. Students are proud to show school pride and bond with peers and they encourage all grades to eagerly represent Denmark.

A group of upperclassmen excitingly supporting their classmates at the wild, wild, west game.

Filling up the stands is beneficial for both the student section and athletes. They show recognition for the time and dedication athletes put into representing the school through commitment to their sports. Ceci describes the positive impact of showing up, “Supporting our athletes not only helps encourage our sports team but also helps create a better community at Denmark! ”This support leads to a boost of confidence for those on the field. The encouragement of a couple peers can make a difference, sometimes even changing the outcome of the game. Valuing the work of Denmark’s teams is really rewarding for the community. Jack White defines one of the most important reasons to take part in school pride, “Denmark’s student athletes deserve a crowd to perform to their best ability in front of.” When there is a high stakes game like a region championship. All it takes is one chant, one cheer, one student section to impact the game. The gym shaking cheers catalyzes our own players and gives new life

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After I rush to school, the countdown until my afternoon nap begins. I’m an avid supporter of power naps, Chai Lattes, and FC Barcelona. This year, I am excited to cover Denmark's student athletes, coaches, and teams. Growing up constantly watching and playing various different sports, my love for athletics has grown and I naturally became the #1 Pedri fan. As a returning writer at Denmark Unleashed, I hope to expand my writing skills and share the voices of the Denmark Danes.

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