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The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed

What Makes it a Great Day to be A DANE?


    The 2022-2023 seniors are signing yearbooks in honor of finishing High School. (Aarna Dessai)

    Being a Dane means to be passionate about your life, and to be passionate about school, and all things being a Dane. From the very first beginning of hearing the bell ringing, to roaming around the hallways of Denmark High School, leaves the presence of new memories to be found throughout the next 4 years. The teachers, students, and staff all create an environment presentable for us students. By creating this community to experience the very happiness of this school for the next graduating classes, is what creates a great day. This roots for the pride and the very adrenaline rush of becoming a Dane. This is what unites us.


    The unison of Denmark Danes allows for the epinephrine to rush through students of each grade, especially during pep rallies. Being able to have the opportunity to represent, and cheer on your graduating class in unity creates an elevated platform for students to have adrenaline rush through student’s brains. The bleachers tremble through the sound waves of each student’s chants. As a freshman, I know that we don’t display that same effect, but watching the other grades  sends me goosebumps up and down my spine. This is what we call school spirit, school pride. The very essence of this so-called “goosebump” feeling creates the ability to call yourself a dane.

    Denmark’s art is being displayed in the hallways at Denmark, showing the passion that lies within the art community.
    (Aarna Dessai)

    As a student, another major part of my day includes the clubs I am involved in. Some clubs students at Denmark are involved in include  HOSA, FBLA, DECA, FCCLA, etc. These clubs/organizations create a platform to raise school pride through the representation of Denmark  onto the state-level competitions within these clubs, as well as the international or national level of representation. Personally, being a part of HOSA’s SLC and rooting for our school made me feel immensely proud as elation rushed through me. I reminisce back to SLC days and the rivalry between other schools, and chanting competitions for the dignity of our own school. All these clubs create a platform for memories that you return too deep in your thoughts, being thankful for such opportunities to compete against the other schools in Georgia, as well as the United States. The very essence of pride for Denmark comes from the hard work and dedication of its students. The awards, college acceptances, AP Scholars, and other educational prizes creates this new form of pride for Denmark and its students.

    Denmark Danes will have their ups and downs, they will have those days where they just do not want to roam through these very hallways due to exams, mental conditions, and obstacles. However, it is overcoming those bearing obstacles through the blue and white walls of Denmark in order to pursue having a great day in the future, and present. Graduation ceremony awaits all of Denmark students, from the very day they step in on the first day of their arrival. The overcoming of these obstacles allows for students to climb up this steep hill, to have the ability to make it a great day to be a Dane. To make it a great day, it is a choice by each individual student. It is a choice to genuinely enjoy the raw experience of high school, even though some moments may be unbearable. By making a regular day a great day, this proves the excellence, and pride that comes with being a student, a dane of Denmark High School in Alpharetta, Georgia.

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