A Peek Inside The Pantry

A literal peek at a few of the things that the pantry has to offer.

Erin Miller

A literal peek at a few of the things that the pantry has to offer.

Inside the counselors office, morning or afternoon, a plethora of students can be seen in line for the pantry. When asked about this new addition to our school, Mrs. Covington, the creator immediately smiles. The pantry came about when Covington noticed there are students coming to school hungry, or without necessary school supplies. Located in the counselor’s office, it runs on donations from teachers, parents, the Forsyth community, and anyone who’s willing to donate to the Danes. The shelves are lined with everything, from food to folders, and it’s apparent how this simple idea is making a difference.“Our goal with this was to remove all barriers of learning for every student,” Covington said. “We have students who could potentially come to school hungry, or without supplies like a pencil. Essentially, that was the motive behind The Pantry, to remove those barriers.”

In the beginning phases of creating a place where students could feel comfortable asking for help, Covington mentioned that the location of The Pantry was very important. “The Counselors Office is a place where there’s always somebody available and that’s what I wanted…” she said. “I didn’t want it to be in a hallway where there wasn’t anyone that could monitor it on a regular basis. I also think that putting it out to the student body in a way like, ‘This is a space for all Danes, let’s respect it’ has helped.”

When asked about what she hopes the Pantry will accomplish for Denmark students, Covington expressed, “I hope that every child will come into the Pantry-the word seems to be spreading-and they know it’s a place to go if they feel comfortable.”

If interested in helping fellow Danes, they have an amazon wishlist in which people can buy items for the pantry and they will be delivered to DHS. Everything counts, as even the small things can make an impact.

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