FCA Fuels Fellowship at Denmark

Running may be involved, but FCA isnt just for athletes.

Bryant Hoffman

Running may be involved, but FCA isn’t just for athletes.

Lilah Martens, Staff

Thousands of Denmark students roll out of bed before the birds are chirping. After hitting the snooze button over and over, prolonging the inevitable, there’s a faint amount of motivation to go to school early.. Yet, some students wake up with the sun and go to school at 7:30 to participate in FCA. Huddling together in the theater, warmth overcoming them, taking the time to play bonding games, talk and bounce around worries and prayers. There is nothing like finding a place in a community. 


Bethany Davis talks to FCA members after they participate in bonding and games. (Bryant Hoffman)

Denmark High School proudly allows students the freedom of speech and expression. This includes expressing their religious beliefs through clubs. Some may fear to express their beliefs and stand out and that’s why the club, Fellowship of Christian Athletes ( FCA ) was formed. FCA is a club for Christian followers and is a part of a select few religious clubs. FCA was founded to create a safe environment for Christians, however, all are welcome, regardless if you are an athlete or not. A bond is formed between members through huddles and bible studies. During huddles once a month, students file in, listen to inspirational guest speakers and play games. Additionally, every Friday in Bible study the Bible scripture is interpreted and encouragement is found through Christ. 

Morgan Grace Sheffield has been involved in FCA for 3 years and she has truly found a home within the organization. Sheffield is now a leader but still reminisces on times when she first joined and experienced a community in FCA, “In my freshman year there was a meeting at Caney Park. We had a moving guest speaker and it was about being bold for Jesus Christ throughout the year. It was a really special day to be surrounded by other Christians.” Experiences such as these encourage students and build friendships. The community is like a security blanket, always there when needed. Most members find  that the most impactful moments are when they can be real with each other, praying during raw times . Being a high schooler can be overwhelming but, surrounding yourself with others who share the same faith can pour out of you in the best way.                                      

During huddles they will pray over a group of athletes, seeking encouragement in god for safety and wins. They gather, hand in hand, around the athletes and the room gets as quiet as they await for the leader to pray. The prayers are like music to followers ears, comforting. One of the leaders, Zack Seidner, is a fellow athlete and Christian who joined for times like this. To openly express his faith and combine it with something he loves, sports. The athletes play an important part in FCA but there is more to it. Seidner explains, “There are a lot of leaders and students who come to meetings that aren’t necessarily a part of sports. Everyone who believes in Christianity is welcome and we don’t want to limit it to just athletes.” In each bible study, huddle, or event they hope to grow with people regardless of who they are.

Though joining a club where you proclaim your religion can seem intimidating, FCA strives to create a safe place. To open a door to a community outside of church. Sheffield proudly tells what she hopes students can gain from FCA, “Jesus died on the cross for us out of love, and students of FCA can feel that same love. Even if you are unsure about your faith, hopefully students of Denmark that want a relationship with Christ can join and grow in Christ.” She illustrates how hard it can be when you get caught up in school and sports, a problem tons of Denmark students have and FCA can be an opportunity for Christians to catch a breath.