Opportunities in the Great Abroad

The importance of school field trips

Lately due to COVID-19 many schools have stopped offering students the opportunity to even go on one of these outings. This stops students from participating in a huge learning opportunity. “I was just amazed at the fact that cultures can be so different,” was what Mrs. Ergun said when she talked about her first time traveling, going overseas to Cuba. Learning about different cultures can be so important for people. This not only exposes them to different beliefs and customs, but it helps them develop better social skills. It can make people more open-minded to learn about other cultures. In the modern world, that is one of the most important skills used.

Another thing Mrs. Ergun loved was the differences in the world. How different everything is, from the amount of money the people have, to the simple day-to-day schedule. As Mrs. Ergun explored Cuba, she not only saw how much poorer they were than her home country but also how much joy they had between their relations– joy that we may not be able to always see in our home country. In America, everything is very different. Anyone can entertain themselves with a laptop, watching TV, or even reading a book. However, in poor countries, things like these aren’t available, so they find their entertainment differently. They may make up games or learn from experiences instead of a piece of paper or computer screen. 

I-Student Global says, “​​Immersing children in culturally diverse activities gives them the opportunity to become more comfortable with the difference in race, religion, language, and lifestyle.” This can affect their future, making them grow and mature. People who are exposed to different cultures will have a higher chance of being more successful in business due to the diversity in cultures all around the world, especially in America. I-Student Global also says, “The future lies within the young, providing them with the opportunity to learn will surely have a great impact on society in the long run.” We need to expose teens in their early years to field trips, even if it’s even in a different part of your area, it doesn’t need to be out of the country. Our future business and lifestyle depend on people being exposed.


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