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Clark, Reese, or Beuckers: The Ongoing Debate in WBB

How college athletes shape the future of women’s basketball. (Ms. Turner)

Caitlin Clark, Angel Reese, Paige Beuckers, and many other D1 women basketball players are leading the way for media involvement in college basketball. Basketball is taking a pivotal role in female recognition in sports. After last season’s championship between Iowa and LSU, a new record was set for viewer count in women’s college basketball: 12.6 million. The exciting high-scoring game was led by star players on both sides of the court, Angel Reese and Caitlin Clark. Ever since, the viewer count continues to increase, not just with these teams, but with the entire league. Players and teams are being recognized all over social media, fueling people to respect and appreciate the work these athletes put in.

For this upcoming 2023-2024 season, viewers are predicting the biggest season for women’s basketball yet. A debate arises about who will lead their team to win the NCAA championship this season: Vanlith and Reese, Clark, or Beuckers. Hailey Vanlith, a former Louisville commit, transferred to LSU, escalating their chances of a successful offensive season along with senior Angel Reese. Caitlin Clark continues to do what she is known for, shooting lights out. Lastly, Paige Beuckers finally returns to UConn after a heart-breaking injury, leaving UConn fans excited for their upcoming basketball season. They believe she will come back better than before and lead the team to the trophy as an addition to winning Player of the Year. 

Because of this ongoing debate, women’s basketball is getting the most recognition it has ever received before, leaving hardly no open seats for games. The advancement in the game of women’s basketball leaves audiences wondering, what does the future hold for this season, and how will it further impact viewership and people’s perception of female athletes?

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Hannah Lopez
Hannah Lopez, Staff
If I could, I would spend all my time on the court instead of being at school or doing homework. Basketball has made me grow to value family and my Filipino culture more. My dad and I love to bond over basketball, even if sometimes it leads us to a chaotic car ride home after a bad game. My brother and I used to always fight, but when it comes to basketball, we fight even more. Our competitive personalities never fail to clash when it comes to being on the court. Although I enjoy arguing with my brother and my dad, I also cherish the peaceful moments that I share with my mom at home.

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