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Denmark Unleashed

Shopping Spree at Denmark

Everyone has been patiently waiting for the opening of the school store. Denmark’s Dane Den opened its doors on August 23rd. Everyday, students and teachers walk through the halls, constantly being reminded of all the merchandise that is available to them. There are so many products to choose from, each representing a piece of the Denmark Life. 

Students of Miss Barones Marketing Management class helping run the Dane Den (Camila Delgado)

Spirit wear isn’t the only product available to the student body, they have one key ingredient that of all their buyerscookies. After a rough quiz, or a salty lunch, a sugar cookie following can cheer anyone up. The soft and chewy texture of the warm cookie is more difficult to perfect than one may think, yet the Dane Den has mastered it flawlessly.

The students at Denmark don’t hesitate to stop by the store during lunch hours to take a look around, it’s more than likely that something will catch your eye. Ms. Barone and her students have worked together to bring this store to life in

Ms. Barone and a student showing off the available merchandise. (Camila Delgado)

hopes of benefitting the students and giving people the opportunity to put their work skills to the test. She informs that it is meant “To provide products, merchandise, and food for the student body while also giving my class an opportunity to learn skills.” It is a win-win situation, students get to grow while providing for their peers. Having a variety of options to choose from, ranging from snacks, to clothes, to lanyards, is only a reality due to the constant dedication that the managers of 

the Dane Den have pursued. 

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Camila Delgado
Camila Delgado, Student News Editor
It’s always mind-blowing to think about the stories within every person. Each one has their own life, and we can only see the snapshot of it. I often find myself sitting in a coffee shop and finding  comfort in the popular space. The constant vibrations that echo through my headphones as I blast Her’s while typing away at my keyboard doing my daily routine of homework. My story revolves around books and entertainment. Throughout the school year, days pass by where I lose track of time and accidentally pull all nighters because I get so submerged in the stories written on the paper, which often results in a long nap the following day. Some stories aren’t even displayed on paper, video games dominate all the free time in my days. Playing through these different stories and perspectives while having it displayed in front of you feels like you're experiencing it along with the character.

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