What Does it Mean to be a Dane?

The end of my sophomore year has arrived. It feels like it was yesterday that I was trying to figure out what to wear for my first day of high school. Now I’m halfway done and as I watch the parking lot get empty as seniors leave, I realize that time is going to pass, whether I want it to or not. People I played with are driving, and it dawns on me that I will have to say bye to my childhood.I need to make the most of my time in Denmark, and in doing so, I’ve made connections with those who were previously faces I saw in the hallways.

I remember always hating seating charts because I felt that it was forcing a barrier between my friends and I, yet overtime it’s done more good to me than bad. I got to meet people, people I wouldn’t have ever talked to if it weren’t for those seats. Being a student at Denmark has taught me to not be scared to expand your boundaries, coming from someone who is not very social, creating these new friendships have really changed my year for the better. 

Bonding over a difficult test that we just took is always going to be humorous to me, the looks on students faces when the test starts, looking like gibberish, it’s priceless. Even with the individuals I’ve befriended this year, the teachers deserve credit for helping me along the road. Not every teacher is going to be the best, but many are willing to help. Over the course of these past two years, I have met incredible teachers that have helped me mentally, and others that have taught like no other. 

Thomas the goat staring intently into the camera. (Camila Delgado)

School can be extremely rigorous, it pushes you to be your best, and as much as I have struggled, I’m thankful for it. It has sparked more interest in me. If someone were to have told me last year that I would be writing for fun, I would have gone insane. Yet here I am, writing my final article for the year, and ready to experience it all over again next year. It has tested me to try my best, to see how capable I am. I’m exceeding in classes that I would hear about in movies as a kid. 

The animals of  Denmark have also brought life to this campus. It’s always a nice feeling when I’m walking down the halls and see the cutest dogs. There is always a pair of weiner dogs that I pass by, and seeing them walk by just makes my day better. With good days comes bad days. Without a doubt, there have been days where I had to force myself out of bed and get ready, but I still make it through those days.

Being a Dane has taught me that no matter what, I have to keep pushing forward.. That the people around me will be a big part of my life, and I have to be willing to let them into my life. The school has put me through experiences I would have never imagined, it has shaped me into a better person, someone that I can be proud of.