Aiming for the A: Midterm Preparation

This student is shown studying on an important site, Quizlet. Its an online learning resource that can provide students with the information needed to pass a class.

Simryn Darji

This student is shown studying on an important site, Quizlet. It’s an online learning resource that can provide students with the information needed to pass a class.

Some students love the challenge of midterm exams while others dread it. Hunched backs over endless textbooks, students race to the edge of sleep, reaching over to the knowledge they hadn’t obtained. Fingertips grasing the words, multitudes of students take that leap of faith by diving into oceans of information.

One student in particular has a specific way of studying, and she states; “For subjects that require memorization (ELA vocabulary, dates of events, etc), I write down everything about the topic I remember off the top of my head. Once I finish, I compare it to a study guide to see what I remember correctly and what I need to work on.” By doing this highly interactive method, Mahathi Yamada, freshman, conveys her understanding of her weakest subject: math. Along with independent study sessions, Mahathi utilizes the resources provided by her teachers. She states, “We have access to online games and flashcards like quizlet, GimKit, kahoot, and quizizz. For math, we use delta math a lot.” Teachers at Denmark High not only provide the students with links needed to revise, but also with help sessions during different points in the day. With these resources, she is able to prepare for her first midterm.

One method that helps many students study are flash cards. By reviewing and writing down different pieces of information, students are able to learn more about a specific topic. (Simryn Darji)

Another student, Sean Simpson, sophomore, is facing his second year of midterms. Because of last year’s experience, he is more prepared than ever. “My studying habits from freshman year are about the same,” Sean states. By finding a study habit that works for him, Sean was able to gain more knowledge with the subject he falters in. Along with that, Sean also demonstrates an interactive way of revision by talking with his educators. His specific way of studying is, “Reviewing previous units and talking to my teachers about what I can’t remember from them.” Not only does Sean have an independent study routine, but by working with others, he is able to improve his studying skill set. 

 Despite the ease of midterms in freshman-sophmore year, junior year is famous for its challenges. Junior year is the most rigorous grade in high school. Their midterms are no different. In this particular year, midterms are much more difficult due to the changes in curriculum. Because of that, the stakes are elevated for high school juniors. Krish Arora, a junior at Denmark High, states that, “The midterms are a lot more challenging because the classes are more rigorous.” Along with the change, certain study habits help amplify the students’ understanding. Krish also states, “My main tactic when facing midterms is watching videos from College Board.” This study strategy is not only beneficial for the midterm, but helps with his everyday class work too. By using this favorable trick, Krish is able to obtain an immaculate grade which will further help him in his class average.

As she bubbles in the correct answers, said student racks her brain for the correct answer. (Simryn Darji)

In general, having consistent study habits will reap benefits all throughout highschool. An example of this is having a study buddy. By studying with another person, they can help amplify certain equations and different formulas. Various study habits play a key role in the success rate of many students. With midterm season rapidly approaching, many study habits are needed to prepare the Danes for this schoolwide exam. From mass study sessions to independent study halls, the Denmark students have multitudes of opportunities in order to prepare for what’s to come.