Falling for Fall


Bryn Quigley

A jack-o-lantern has heart eyes for fall and all the festivities it contains.

Racing out of blistering summer heat, autumn is a welcome breath of fresh air. From the falling leaves to crisp weather and colorful sweaters, it’s no wonder why this season can feel the best of the year. Dozens of the most influential parts of the year happen around this time, including Friday night football, homecoming, and the Cumming Fair. 

Also, different forms of media, like films and music, impact the mood surrounding fall; college football, horror movies, and Saturday Night Live all start as the air begins to cool.

Tayva Smith, a sophomore at Denmark, says that her favorite movie to watch during autumn is Coraline,“I love this movie because it puts me in a spooky mood, since that’s my favorite time of the year,” she explains. Sofia Pineda, junior, says that her favorite albums to listen to during fall are Red by Taylor Swift and Piledriver Waltz by the Arctic Monkeys. These forms of media can influence the cozy and warm feeling of autumn by providing a feeling of nostalgia.

Friday Night Football and fall go hand in hand. The lingering scent of hot dogs in the air, chanting within the stadium, and wearing a sweatshirt while huddling in the student section are all core autumn experiences at Denmark. 

With Homecoming right around the corner, an evening of dancing the night away surrounded by friends and subtly chilly weather, Denmark is packed full of experiences that make fall even more special.

Mascots are displayed on a tour of a pumpkin patch. (Bryn Quigley)

As the leaves start to fall and the streets are scattered with orange and yellow, as pumpkin patches and haunted houses begin to pop up, and as the Cumming Fair gates open, many students from DHS and all around Forsyth are run outside to enjoy the weather. Pumpkin spice lattes, fall scented candles, trick or treating, and horror movies are essential to fall, so don’t miss out on anything this feel-good season!