Wheels Shining through Dust: Mountain Biking on the Podium

Students congratulate their teammates with fist bumps as they finish their race.

Nathan Krsulic

Students congratulate their teammates with fist bumps as they finish their race.

Camila Delgado, Staff

Many students at Denmark High School are involved in extracurricular activities; some don’t realize how impactful finding an outside source is and how it can bring joy to someone’s life. The feeling of shoe soles hitting the track, a soccer ball flying into a net, the vibrations of the bat while swinging a home run. Students are familiar with the Friday night football games and the volleyball matches they announce. These students pour their life into doing sports and their efforts and successes do not go unnoticed: these sports get the recognition of the student body in Denmark. However, not many know the endeavors of the mountain biking team. While there are obstacles when learning a new sport, the efforts and successes of the Denmark Mountain Biking team should be expressed throughout our halls. 

The rough feeling of bumping over rocks and trying to breathe through chilling cold piercing the lungs: People don’t know much about Mountain Biking in Denmark because it isn’t something that people can just watch out on the field or drive a few minutes to get to. The team has to find the right terrain and track to participate in races which can be long distances from the school. Compared to normal road biking on the smooth road, mountain biking involves having to endure the rough paths of the trails. Jolts that pass through the bike from the little rocks as the wheels pass over, the rush of air that hits the face while rushing , these things help and make it to why people continue to do this sport. Nathan Kruslic, senior, who is currently on the Mountain Biking team at Denmark, said that he wished more people knew about how rigorous this sport is. “I have practice about five days a week, and added practice over that. And even then, outside of school, races take up so much of my weekend.” 

It is a demanding sport for those who do it. It also has an impact on the mental and physical health of the bikers. Nathan talked about how over the past years he has physically gotten stronger, “ I’m more fit mentally, and it’s always a good experience bonding with friends and meeting new people.” Becoming distracted in this sport isn’t an option, the dangers that come with it aren’t risk worthy. Focus on the trail and bike is necessary at all times, slipping on unsuspecting obstacles can cause panic with no reaction time, which can bring harm to the biker. To give an example, bikers learn how to perform bunny hops, which is extremely helpful because it helps aid the biker to jump over and avoid intercepting obstacles such as tree roots and rocks.. These Denmark bikers put their all into this sport and deserve every last bit of support from their peers.