The Ultimate Dane Supporters

Despite tense moments, the Dane good cheerleaders always perform with radiant smiles.

Kaylee Satterfield

Despite tense moments, the Dane good cheerleaders always perform with radiant smiles.

Cheerleaders are Denmark’s greatest supporters and constantly contribute to school spirit on and off the sidelines. Watching the precise, in-sync movements of the chipper-spirited cheerleaders inspires the student section to cheer on the Denmark High School football team. Natalie Brooks is a sophomore on Denmark’s JV Cheer team and leaves her paw mark on Denmark through her sport. Cheer has played a significant role in Natalie’s life; she has cheered for five years and explains that, although she describes it as stressful on occasion, she appreciates the opportunities cheer has presented. 

Preparing for the games consists of practices twice a week to perfect callouts, cheers, and impressive stunts. Natalie describes that cheerleading can sometimes be demanding, “I was the one calling cheers, so it was a bit more stressful for me to pick which cheers to call at specific times, but I thoroughly enjoyed the experience.” Despite tense moments, the cheerleaders always perform with radiant smiles. At games, the dazzling dances and the spectacular stunts catch the attention of the student section and support them in exciting the team. Natalie states that the cheerleaders are the foundation for supporting the team, “The football team will motion to the crowd to make noise, and we help the student section get hyped up.” On the sideline, cheerleaders constantly support and present an exemplary image of Denmark High School. While constantly encouraging the student body to be present at games, they participate in different events like camps to advertise Denmark and its sports.

Many overlook the vital work these girls have contributed; they dedicate their time to representing and supporting the school. With all that they do, these girls have earned respect and appreciation as cheerleaders.