Conquering Confidence

Rae Mahamkali, Staff Reporter

Self-confidence is a fundamental quality. We require confidence in our everyday lives, whether giving a presentation or having a simple conversation. Many struggle with low self-esteem, which impacts both work and personal lives. How does one acquire confidence and what can one do to improve their self-esteem and, with it, their lives? 

Confidence often comes in a package, as self-esteem is associated with self-image, as people with a positive view of themselves come off as more assertive. On the other hand, people who see themselves negatively have difficulty appearing confident. A known solution to the issue is shifting the light on how you think about yourself to highlight your strengths rather than your flaws. This simple shift in perspective can significantly increase your self-esteem. Writing about traits you like about yourself or reading positive quotes is a great way to mold your mindset to be positive.

A change in mindset should also come with a change in body language. Your posture can say a lot about your confidence without even knowing it. For instance, a slouched back and fidgety hands come off as insecure, while a puffed-out chest with still arms shows poise. Eye contact also plays an important role when it comes to confidence, as maintaining eye contact portrays assuredness when talking to others. Practicing these habits change how others perceive you by making you seem sure of yourself. In the end, acting more confident can actually help you FEEL more confident.  

Another factor needed to build confidence is a healthy lifestyle: A change in diet, physical exercise, and other self-care habits improve your mental health. A good mental state is critical to building confidence, as it makes positive thoughts flow. Getting the required amount of sleep also plays an important role when bettering self-esteem. Feeling refreshed and energetic allows one to face challenges throughout the day with zest and keep composure when interacting with others. 

While trying to gain confidence, many compare themselves to others which affects their progress. The saying, “the grass is always greener on the other side,” comes into play here as people often feel unsuccessful when comparing themselves to others, though that is not the case. Everyone finds success in their way and at their own pace, and recognizing your progress boosts your confidence as well as your self-worth.

Like Rome, confidence also can’t be built in a day. With time and consistency, you can find yourself transformed into a more capable and strong person. Self-confidence leads to a road paved with opportunities. The comfort zone becomes insignificant while your goals and aspirations seem just a jump, skip, and a hop away. When starting, the journey to confidence may seem like an uphill battle. But often more times than not, you will be grateful for what’s on the other side.