Clairo in Concert!

On the last stop of the Sling Tour, Clairo performed on April 16th and 17th at the Tabernacle in Atlanta. Clairo is a smaller performer known for her music in the genre considered bedroom pop, she uses a combination of lofi and mellow beats in order to create amazing songs. Although she is a smaller artist, her base grew exponentially when her song “Pretty Girl” became super popular back in 2019/2020. I was personally able to attend the concert on the 16th, and it was one of the most amazing concerts I have ever been to.

She has always been in my top five artists for multiple years in a row,  and it was truly amazing to see her in person. My friend and I arrived at the venue and the line felt like it was miles long, even though we got there thinking we were early. The line went relatively fast and I was excited to find that we were relatively close to the stage. The general admission area was smaller than imagined, but it was so exciting to find me and my friend to be closer to the stage than we thought. Clairo opened with her song “Bambi” which is assumed to be about the struggles in the music industry, but this has not been specifically specified by the artist herself. Throughout her setlist she incorporated popular songs from her past albums. The songs in this album, Sling, had more of a heartfelt tone and a realistic view of the music industry. Her previous albums had themes that covered forbidden love, expectations of women, and dealing with feelings of depression or loneliness.

The song I was most excited for was “Amoeba”, yes it may be an old song, but I also enjoyed the new songs a lot as well. Personally this song feels like a warm hug and it almost reminds me of summer, which i love. I asked my friend, Jimena Ruano, 12,  about her experience and she stated, “I hadn’t listened to her album as much as I should have, so my favorite song was ‘Sofia!’ I loved the concert. I had not been as interested in going to the concert until my friend decided to bring me along.Her energy, her voice- it was amazing. I love the Tabernacle because the venue actually tilts down the closer you get to the stage so even if you’re in the back, you can still get a good view of the artist. Overall, it was an amazing experience.” 

All in all, the opportunity to attend this concert and hear Claire Cottrilll live was truly amazing and I still feel the lingering euphoria of the days after. I cannot wait for future albums and tours to attend.