Pajamas…In School?

Wearing Pajamas in school is not new to any student. If you haven’t done it yourself, you probably know someone that has. The growing trend in pajama bottoms has had a controversial conversation surrounding it. Are they comfortable? Most definitely. Are they stylish? In this case, yes. But, should they be worn in school?

“It’s more comfortable. School is long, stressful, and boring and comfort is needed. I’d rather sit in pajamas than be in a uniform,” says freshman Gabby Robinson.  It’s undeniable that the school days drag on and what once seemed like a cute outfit starts to feel like a bad decision. “School is for learning, not a fashion show,” comments Rachel Paturi. “I usually wear pajamas or something like it to school. This morning I showered and put on the same clothes I slept in. Do I see this as a trend? Yes, especially for guys.” 

“Of the students that come into my class, only 10% wear pajamas regularly,” says Ms.Reynolds. Even though the code of conduct in article 24D says “no pajamas without prior approval of school administration”, we often see students wearing pajama attire with no worries of being dress coded. Yet, students who wear crop tops are usually reprimanded or at least given a slap on the wrist. When asked if she would ever wear pajamas to school, if she was a student in Denmark she said, “No, it’s just not a thought that would cross my mind. School feels more professional to me.” She did attribute this feeling to having attended a school with uniforms.

Ok, it’s a trend but, what is its effect? “It does change my mentality,” says Robinson, “I feel sleepy in class.” Even teachers see the effect of pajamas. “I notice my students acting drowsier when they wear pajamas,” comments Ms.Reynolds. While this effect may hold for some, Rachel Paturi says that she notices no change in her sleepiness.” I think I work better when I wear pajamas or comfortable clothing to school. It loosens me up.”

When asked if the rule against pajamas should be more enforced the interviewees unanimously said no. Even though there are drawbacks to this peculiar fashion choice, it is just that: a choice. Students should be able to express themselves in whatever way they choose. Whether that is high fashion or the clothes they slept in last night.