Homecoming Dance: The Purple Carpet

Bryn Quigley, Editor

Pulling into the parking lot, the event could be heard before it was seen. Sound waves shook the pavement and each tune reverberated through the attendees’ bodies. Flashing colored lights covered every square inch of the dance floor and conversation fluttered through the warm October night.

It was the first foray of Denmark High School into outdoor dance events and was an objective success. Students enjoyed the freedom of nature in conjunction with an urban feel. Eva Cardona, a junior, said, “It was cool that you could look up and you were in the stars.” Her peers were in agreement of their enjoyment of a bit of fresh air, calling for a repeat location. It seemed to enhance the energy of the crowd and brought a wind of change to the school.

However, people were in complete consensus that the soundtrack to Homecoming needed revamping. Apparently, repeat plays of Taylor Swift weren’t enough to get the crowd’s blood pumping. Sheena Deepak thought of a solution to this setback: “I would add a playlist put together by students so that people know the songs.” A collaborative playlist would certainly have enough material to keep the groove going all night long. However, a downside could be that there may be a bias in variety that alienates different types of music lovers. Partygoers were also disgruntled by the absence of food. They wistfully recalled a table full of snacks at Homecoming 2019. “Dancing requires sustenance!” say the masses, including Cardona and Deepak.

The Mardi Gras theme was an exciting switch from the last theme, a Hollywood-based idea. In 2019, there were cardboard cutouts with periodic flashbulbs, meant to simulate paparazzi as students made their way down a red carpet. Homecoming 2021 brought the theme up a notch, using a purple carpet to lead guests in. To quote Sheena Deepak, “Not red carpet, that’s been overdone.” They were then showered with beads as they joined a crowd of hustle and bustle, similar to a real Mardi Gras.

Homecoming 2021 was a reintroduction to social events at Denmark High School (at least for underclassmen) and it was a smash hit with the crowds. Its theme was intoxicating and the atmosphere  invigorating. People are calling for a repeat- only with better tunes and treats to snack on.