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When the Curtain Rises Again

Denmark Performing Arts are on track for another great year

Denmark Performing Arts are coming off of a “Dane” great year, headed by multiple state titles, and Shuler nominations. Despite all of the challenges presented by COVID-19, they were able to reach outstanding heights, and they’re gearing up to do it all again. Just finishing up Drama Camp, an annual showcase they hold to kick off the year, they’re now preparing to head into auditions for their competition show Curtains

Alex Cherres, senior, works with younger student Christopher Downing, sophomore, on their audition material, before they have to perform, “I like working with upperclassmen. I think working with people who have experience, and have been to competitions. They help me work through everything,” explained Downing. Apart from Cherres, Downing has been given the opportunity to work with and get support from many other amazing performers within the program.



The support system is amazing. It helps to have a group of people to talk to when I’m struggling.

— Christopher Downing



Julia Wolff and Sam Yousuf, who are both Seniors, performed a piece from the musical Curtains together on the very last day of callbacks. This was their last opportunity to impress the director and get the part. Connecting with the music, and the other person when performing a duet can pose an extremely difficult challenge when auditioning. Wolff stated, “Something that helps me connect with the music is really putting purpose behind the lyrics I am singing, I work with a wonderful acting coach who is incredible at really giving the words you sing true meaning”. Wolff is also preparing to go into a grueling time for anybody who wishes to pursue theatre at the college level: college audition season. “Performing is scary whether it’s in an audition, or in front of an audience. You are presenting yourself, and your talents to a group of people to be judged,” commented Wolff.  “Being nervous for an audition or performance is inevitable, and the college audition process is just a lot to take in. Whenever I get overwhelmed, I take a moment to remember why I’m working towards this. The reason why I’m putting in all of this work is that this is what I’ve been so passionate about my entire life.”

In the end, I know as long as I work hard I will end up where I’m meant to be.

— Julia Wolff

Ian Rinaudo, senior, is also trying out for a part in the aforementioned musical, Curtains. Rinaudo is going through their first theater competition season without COVID-19 restrictions, “If I’m being honest, I’m absolutely terrified by this competition season, but I have good supportive friends in the troupe to help me through it,” Rinaudo remarked. As vaccination numbers go up many students get excited at the prospect of theater finally going back to normal. Rinaudo stated, “I’m excited for the theater to go back to normal, and I’m excited to not have to wear masks on stage.” Rinaudo explains that masks have made performing more difficult, “You just don’t get the air you need and breathing is really important in theater.”


The Theater Danes are excited and nervous to get back into action.  They are working hard as they prepare to tackle callbacks, college auditions, and best of all, bringing full-scale theater performances back to the DHS auditorium. Keep an eye out for Denmark Performing Arts as they get ready to have another “Dane” great year!

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