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Why Are Parking Permits So Expensive?

Students weigh in on the price and its purpose

“Parking on the DHS campus is a privilege granted by the DHS administration” reads the DHS Parking Rules and Regulations. Located on the school website, this document is a comprehensive list of parking rules that every student driving to school is required to read when applying for a parking permit. 


The privilege to park on campus is granted through the purchase of a parking permit and submission of valid insurance, driver’s license, and vehicle registration. The current rate is $125 per student, and it lowers to $80 in the second semester. Currently, over 500 passes have been sold.


For most students, like Thomas Hennely, junior, the price is worth the convenience. “My mom works here and teachers are required to stay here until 4:00,” explains Hennely, “My options are to take the bus or stay here till four and get home at 4:15, or I can leave on my own time to go to work or to go home.” 


Upon payment, students are handed a green plastic card with a serial number to hang in the rearview mirror. Trey Garmon, senior, comments that the price seems expensive because “it’s just a piece of plastic to park.”


Mrs. Brackett, the school secretary, clarifies, “[The money collected] goes into the general school fund.” DHS Administration sets the prices and the price of $125 is consistent with most of the other high schools in the county. However, other high schools such as South Forsyth High and Lambert High, hold lotteries for parking permits, due to large student populations and not enough parking slots to meet the demand.  


Some students disagree with the price, even if it is contributing to the general school fund. Jackson Gibree, senior, believes that it’s fair to make students pay for parking. However, he firmly states, “There’s no way that it should be $125. Do you see the number of people that park there? It could be $75 a person and they’d still be making bank.”


This displeasure at the price is not universal among the student body. Arin Watson, junior, doesn’t mind the price. “I personally don’t have an opinion about it because I don’t have a job and my parents pay for it.” But she can, “understand that students that have to pay for it aren’t happy with it.” 


Watson also offers a theory as to why some students are disgruntled about the price. “[The high price] is not necessarily justified because we don’t know what the money is going towards. If they’re more open about what exactly the money is going towards I feel like people would be more willing to contribute or to fundraise in other ways.” Selena Centeno, junior, agrees, “If I knew what [the money from parking passes] was going towards, I wouldn’t be so concerned about it.” 


Some students also carpool with others, like Kaia Davis, senior, who occasionally carpools up to five students. Davis’ perspective for pricing would be to charge per occupancy of the vehicle. She believes that the high price is “worth it for students who drive their friends to and from school if all students chip in for the price of the permit.” 


Denmark Administration was not available for comment.


At publishing time, Denmark Unleashed has been unable to determine exactly what the money the general school fund is used for. However, the fees are not used for the maintenance of the parking lot, which is done by the county. 


While students may dislike the price, most are willing to pay for it to enjoy the privilege of driving on campus. 


Extra Resources: 


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