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New Year, New Me?

2022 is here and brings new beginnings, opportunities and hope for the future years. Every new year, unrealistic goals are set making aspirations for the oncoming year and goal setting seem stereotypical, but creating this outline for the year can be essential to staying on track. As for me, senioritis is kicking in, making my will to find motivation harder. But, setting goals for the new year gives me hope for the future. This goal planning does not solve all problems, but it can be an aid. Below are a few examples of effective ways to plan. 


  1. Use a journal to plan out your goals for the new year. Start off with small or weekly goals and then expand to more specific yearly goals–along with writing down habits that you want to maintain for the new year. 
  2. Make your goals and habits for the new year reasonable. People tend to create goals that are unrealistic or that they cannot keep up with. For example, getting a gym membership and then only consistently going for a week.
  3. Creating a reward system for the goals you do accomplish can motivate you to achieve them more consistently. For example, if your goal was to get a good grade on a test, treat yourself to a new pair of shoes. Although this may seem simple, it can be a huge encouragement to reaching your goals. 


There are many flexible ways to plan but the suggestions above can improve the planning. After interviewing some students, they stated how they plan to make and keep their goals this year. Jimena Ruano, a senior, commented that “before the new year begins, I like to write out a list of everything I would like to get done per month so I can make sure to start and continue on with my goals. To motivate myself to continue on, I give myself rewards if I accomplish my task in time. On the other hand, if I don’t get it done in time, then I take something away like my phone for a day or not being able to watch my favorite shows. It’s effective because it holds me accountable and in the long run, I’ll feel better and more accomplished!” Ruano added. Another student, Emily Kuhl, senior, stated “I am a very plan and detail oriented person, so I think primarily when planning my goals I think about what exactly I want to accomplish and lay down a plan to get it done. Then I set aside time when I know I am most productive to start working on this. Even if I only tackle it little by little, by keeping a concise routine I keep up my progress. Taking breaks is also vital for my productivity so that I don’t get burnt out or unengaged with what I am working on.” 


While setting goals can be difficult for the new year it is important to plan a couple to stay on top of it, and be motivated for the coming months. As we recover from the discouraging times of Covid-19, there need to be events to look forward to and work towards. Burnout is bound to happen, planning for the year ahead can help combat it.

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