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Why Might Anxiety Affect You?

Does anxiety affect you every day? Or does it creep up on you as a result of a bad score or not living up to expectations you have set for yourself?  When not treated, anxiety can be detrimental to one’s health and affect the way one socializes with their peers. Not being able to control anxiety can possibly lead to mental disorders that can become even more concerning.

High school can bring an entire set of new anxieties. When entering high school, students are faced with the dilemma of which courses they should enroll in On-level, honors, or advanced placement. Most students are under the impression that the more AP courses that they take, the higher chances are to get into a good University, such as Ivy League schools.  Out of the 2,400 students who attend Denmark High School, 75% percent take at least 2 AP courses during their time there. However, many of these students who choose to enroll in these difficult courses often experience anxiety and try to cope with it in different ways. “When I feel anxious, I take a break from work and go outside to get some fresh air,” says freshman Karan Kapse. Kapse states that this helps him feel calm in tough situations. Another student, Veeraj Dalwale, sophomore, says, “When I have a lot of built-up anxiety over many things, I usually go for a sanity walk or meditate. Both of these are effective ways I ease my anxiety.” In addition, Dalwale also states that when he is anxious he tends to procrastinate, so when he takes a walk or takes a couple of deep breaths, it helps him stay productive.

Many students who try to take on workloads they know they may not be able to handle can sometimes fall under the pressure. As a reference, Ms. Burnell, the school counselor, says, “Many students attempt to take rigorous AP classes such as AP Calculus or AP Physics and drop out within the first week.” Out of the 29 Advanced Placement classes offered at this school, Ms. Burnell mentions that AP Capstone and AP Macroeconomics remain some of the most difficult classes to take as a result of the intense workload and self-studying required. As a result, students may find themselves stressed to stay at the top of these classes, losing track of things, or getting panic attacks. In addition to this, Burnell says, “When students go to apply for colleges, admission officers look to see what the student has a passion for that will change the world. They want to see that you want to achieve your dreams for the greater good.” This implies that taking many AP courses is not necessarily the best option, especially when considering applying to colleges.

Many techniques have been found to help overcome anxiety. “One way to do so is implementing the 5 Sense Rule,” says Ms. Burnell, “I like to name one thing that I use for each of my 5 senses”. This helps those who feel anxious before a test to stay calm at the moment. Yoga is another technique proven to battle anxiety, proven by the National Center for Biotechnology. While the results will not be significant at first, over time one will start to notice changes in their thought of mind and a more present calmness. Yoga can even expand your lung capacity and with increased oxygen in your body, you automatically feel better.

Overall anxiety affects everyone in different ways. Some people know how to cope with it while others do not. Many students are unaware that they are suffering from anxiety, failing to realize they even have it. It is important for people to not overload themselves with things they know they may not be able to handle because the long-term effects could have an impact on their health.

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