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  • Nov 10 / FootballDenmark - 10, Norcross - 34
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  • Nov 8 / Flag FootballDenmark - 19, North Forsyth - 0
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  • Nov 6 / Flag FootballDenmark - 7, North Forsyth - 0
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The Student News Site of Denmark High School

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The Student News Site of Denmark High School

Denmark Unleashed


The Last Friday

Ashante Key, Co Editor-in-Chief May 3, 2022

With prom being this past weekend and finals not long after, Seniors are finally feeling the weight of the end of a long-awaited chapter. To finish things off, this week we have had a variety of school...

Newtons Apple Jpg by Alexander Borek CC BY 4.0

Five Common Myths of History

Shani Key, Co Editor-In-Chief March 25, 2022

The world each of us grew up in is filled with endless amounts of fantasies and stories. Stories of princesses falling in love and heroes saving the day. For a moment, those stories are our entire lives....

Farewell, Class of 2022

Farewell, Class of 2022

Shani Key, Co Editor-In-Chief February 21, 2022

Denmark High school's inaugural class is four months closer to graduating. As another month passes by, we, the class of 2022, contemplate the many ways our lives will change. Two years have already been...

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The Future of Education

Shani Key, Co Editor-In-Chief January 20, 2022

  What is the purpose behind what we learn? This question has been presented to teachers since the commencement of education. Why do we need to learn imaginary numbers? What's the motive behind...

photo via Wikimedia Commons under Creative Commons license

A New Era for Marvel and DC?

Shani Key, Co Editor-In-Chief August 26, 2021

Your favorite superheroes and villains are taking center stage once again as over 20 new releases are to be premiered. Marvel and DC are coming back strong this year, releasing not only the most anticipated...

Freshman during Gym class

Reaching New Heights

Shani Key, Co-Editor-In-Chief August 17, 2021

Dane nation has officially reached new heights with over 600 new freshmen entering the school this year. Denmark HIgh School is excited to see hundreds of new faces and present new opportunities with our...

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