Denmark Will Never Forget


Jordanna Oliveira, Staff Reporter

This year 9/11 reached its 20th year anniversary. On the 9th of September, Denmark High School​​ honored those who lost their lives or a loved one by holding a ceremony. Although twenty years have passed, the events that happened on that day still have an impact now. 

 Denmark’s ceremony to commemorate 9/11 was held at the front of the school and was optional for all grade levels. Near the beginning, the band performed the National Anthem. Both the history of 9/11 and the importance of its memory were explained. Soon after, the planting of the maple tree was introduced. Turner Davis, a junior and the Vice President of S.G.A, stood at the podium to further explain its symbolic meaning. “This tree is often recognized as a symbol of strength and endurance.” says Davis, “The American people have shown such a great strength and endurance in not only the aftermath of the event but also throughout efforts to recover physically and emotionally.” He then later helped plant the tree with his fellow speakers. It now and will forever stand proudly in front of the school in remembrance of the tragic event. 

As years pass by, fewer people tend to forget about the attacks. Especially those who have no personal ties to it. However, students who stayed to watch the ceremony, have gone out of their way to learn more. “I’ve seen videos online and they showed in class how it worked and unfolded,” Noelle Brown, junior, says just as the ceremony begins. Lots of teachers touch the subject of 9/11 in class and show the news broadcasts that covered the event. Many students, like Brown, dig further to better understand the attacks and its effects on Americans.  

Younger generations is that the majority of students weren’t around when the attacks happened. For that reason, Mrs. Rhode set up a gallery on the 9th and 10th of September. It’s located right in front of the media center and includes numerous QR codes, informational texts, and photos. 

“I think it’s important for kids to recognize the importance of that day,” Mrs. Rhodes says. To her, September 11 is much more than a date, “I have a lot of friends and a lot of family in the military.” She explains that with the attacks, their presence in the Middle East was extended. Mrs. Rhode also set up a flipgrid where anyone with memories relating to 9/11 can share.

September 11 will always be an important part of American history. It changed this nation in significant ways. Although we’ve reached an important anniversary, nothing is more important than those who were lost or have lost someone. Denmark has made it clear that it will never forget and will do its best to honor the memory.


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